Having trouble with adobe reader......

nikkinic, Sep 25, 2:48am
Having trouble with adobe reader..all of a sudden I cant read PDF files. I tried to update it but it says it cant (cant remember exact message). Please help :) TIA Oh and im running vista.

r.g.nixon, Sep 25, 2:57am
Adobe Reader is a bloated pig try the free Foxit Reader instead. Smaller and much faster. Or Sumatra PDF Reader.

nikkinic, Sep 25, 3:47am
OK tried that foxit but it takes 10 mins at least to do anything then shuts down firefox :( Anymore help please :)

0800xford, Sep 25, 3:48am
where is the .pdf file?

nikkinic, Sep 25, 3:52am
The only ones I open are either bills so emails or actually on the net eg forms I have to fill out then print.

0800xford, Sep 25, 3:54am
you need to post the error message

nikkinic, Sep 25, 3:56am
Ok will be back with it :)

nikkinic, Sep 25, 4:41am
Will be back later i cant get into any thing at the moment and its also the witching hour here :)

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