ADSL2+ module question

ADSL2+ module question Hi, I have recently connected up my broadband with my own old ADSL modem. When I go to the 'status' page of the WAN section, I see one of the line is "ADSL 2 PLUS Module". Does that mean my local exchange has ADSL2+? If I purchase an ADSL2+ modem, would I be getting much faster speed?

geek_racoon82nz, Sep 28, 9:35 am

Goto and check what speed you ARE getting.......also the potential speed depends on the plan you're signed up back

geek_drcspy, Sep 28, 9:48 am

what's the make and model of your router? maybe you can upgrade the firmware, check the OEM site

geek_0800xford, Sep 28, 10:55 am