How do I install adobe?

tefflon, Sep 28, 4:35am
How do I install adobe? Ive downloaded from TPB but any file I download from there wont open?..Hmmm am I missing something? If so What

0800xford, Sep 28, 4:39am
adobe make lots of software, and getting it from TPB indicates = pie rats?

greghale, Sep 28, 4:41am
Do you need a PDF reader???

tefflon, Sep 28, 4:46am
How do I istall once ive downloaded it,

0800xford, Sep 28, 4:53am
"it"? what -is- IT?

tefflon, Sep 28, 4:55am
IT is.. The programe that I have downloaded?Whenever I download anything a DOWNLOAD file comes up, but Do you click Install, or RUN AS or OPEN

ropes2, Sep 28, 4:56am
Open command prompt and type - format c: follow instructions from there

Alternatively answer some questions you've been asked already.

soodanim, Sep 28, 4:58am
You're getting very confusing if you've download anything from TPB then it most likely a torrent you use a torrent program to actually download the files.

0800xford, Sep 28, 4:58am
from tpb too

tefflon, Sep 28, 5:07am
Soodan I cant even open an ADOBE file, on my other lap top I use u torrent to download any programe from TPB..and it opens ..Im trying to figure out why this laptop wont let me open programmes.

gibler, Sep 28, 5:07am
There be pirates with no treasure map a.k.a. NFO file.

flewy, Sep 28, 5:08am
SKo0l HoLs

0800xford, Sep 28, 5:10am
el oh el

soodanim, Sep 28, 5:19am
You've still not said WHICH adobe program you are talking about.

gibler, Sep 28, 5:21am
Surely he warez'd the whole CS4 suite ...

hdmovies, Sep 28, 5:26am
Maybe they warezed acrobat reader .

osymandias, Sep 29, 8:52am
Can youz tell me hows to install teh Mikrosofts. I get eet from de intertubes...

flewy, Sep 29, 9:02am
To funny osymandias

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