Vodafone/Ihug resending old emails

wekadigital, Sep 28, 6:07am
Vodafone/Ihug resending old emails Has anyone had this problem. In the last couple of days a lot of old messages up to two years old were resent from our ihug account, which we hadn't even opened for a few weeks. They no longer existed in sent items nor were recorded as new sent items. Some confused replies from recipients!

michellew2k, Sep 28, 6:08am
Did you call vodafone? might pay to

wekadigital, Sep 29, 5:50am
Vodafone/Ihug resending old emails Yes Vodafone investigating, no answers yet, something similar happened in July, but I am tryhing to get a feel for how many people affected - or are we unique!

mrstoby21, Sep 30, 12:33am
I am with Vodafone/Ihug not affected.

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