opinion on adsl2+ which line doesnt pick up

make_a_bid, Sep 28, 9:56am
Opinion on adsl2+ which line doesnt pick up local exchange is upgraded to adsl2+, modem is capable of adsl2+, have spent a lot of time with telecom customer service doing line and distance checks. im approx 2kms away give or take a few 100 meters. House is no more then 13 years old. They said i should be enjoying those speeds but im not, hanging around the 5000kbps mark. they cant comfirm if it is or it isnt the line from the exchange to my house thats the problem and want 80 odd dollars to get a inspector out to check it which i glady declined. This is in te atatu south and the exchange is in te atatu penninsula so anyone can shed some experience like this?

olack, Sep 28, 11:04am
Go to xtra.co.nz and see what the...says...http://www.telecom.co.nz/broadband/speed/adsl2 ...have you seen this.

soodanim, Sep 28, 11:22am
Sospeeds are the same as previously...as in you were getting 5000kbps before? and what make/model is the router? Have you checked all the troubleshooting? Removing everything bar the router, checked filters, jackpoints etc ?

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