HDMI Cable not working with Xbox360

hydroman08, Sep 28, 5:29pm
HDMI Cable not working with Xbox360 Hey all. Ive got a 42 inch plasma and a 360. For some reason the xbox stopped playing movies on the tv a couple of days ago. It still plays games fine, and when i swap back to the old AV cables it works fine. It wont play movies with the HDMI cable. Screen goes to "snow" and there is no sound. Its a good Pudney and Lee cable (so not a cheapie). Any idea why it would do this. Oh and by the way, its only 2 weeks old!

rod525, Sep 28, 7:00pm
Have you tried another HDMI cable?

smac, Sep 28, 7:15pm
For a short distance a 'cheapie' is just fine.

suicidemonkey, Sep 28, 8:11pm
3For a longer distance, a cheapie is just fine too. A digital signal is a digital signal, buying expensive cables is just ridiculous as cheaper cables are no worse in the way of quality.

smac, Sep 28, 9:15pm
Re 4 Agree, but only to a point. Cheap cables tend to run thin wire, and at longer distances this does become an issue. I'm running HDMI over 15m and at that distance the cheapies don't cut it without a booster. At 2m (normal length), a $10 is as good as a Harvey Norman $300 job.

guest, Feb 23, 2:40am
When you connect an xBox 360 to a TV with HDMI for the first time, the xBox 360 often defaults to the highest resolution it can produce. For many TV's this may be too high. You may receive a message like "UnSupported" or "Not Supported" or "UnSupport", etc. So you cannot see the xBox 360 menus, but you will probably hear the boot up sounds, and menu ticks/clicks. If you ask people that aren't intimately familiar with this specific problem, they'll tell you to check the HDMI cable, the 360, etc. Don't listen to them. The solution to this problem is to blindly navigate into the Display settings to change the display resolution to something that your TV can display. Here's a step by step guide: 1. Connect your 360 to your TV with the included composite (Yellow, Red, White) cable . 2. Ensure you're running the new Xbox dashboard (Avatars support). 3. Ensure no profile auto-sign's in at boot up. 4. Power off 360 and TV. Connect the HDMI cable between them. 5. Hold down the controller's xBox button for 3 seconds to power on, and wait for about 20 seconds. 6. Press right on the (dpad) left analog stick 9 times, to navigate to the System Settings menu. 7. Press the A button 4 times. (This will go to System Settings, Console Settings, Display, HDTV settings.) 8. Press up twice on the (dpad) left analog stick. Press A. 9. If no picture appears, wait 15 seconds, Press up again and press A. What you are doing is selecting lower display resolutions. Once you have a picture, you can try other higher resolutions, if you want, and it will revert back if you don't confirm it is ok. The 360 will remember the setting you finalize. Troubleshooting: Power off both 360 and TV. Switch back to the composite cable. Try steps 1-7 again to verify it is navigating correctly. If your profile is auto-logging in, the 360 will start on the "Welcome" tab, rather than the "Play Disc" tab, in which case, you would have to press up once, before the 9 rights, to get to the System Menu. (The end.)

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