How to recover Acer aspier 4315 laptop......

b.j.nichols, Sep 29, 4:02am
How to recover Acer aspier 4315 laptop..bought this laptop secondhand and want to recover back to out of factory state however the stupid Acer empowering tech program has a password on it that I dont know. The recovery partition is there but I cant use it without the password. Has anyone got any free and easy ways to restore this system otherwise or get the password? or I will format the whole hard drive and load using a Vista OEM disk. Thanks.

drcspy, Sep 29, 4:05am
At what stage is it askin for a password that seems rather odd......

b.j.nichols, Sep 29, 4:18am
I try to go into the erecovery prog..and nothing happens so I looked at the empowering prog and it tells me the erecovery prog is not operational and for me to make it operational I need the password. Any idea? Thanks.

drcspy, Sep 29, 4:28am
0800445439 free ph for toshiba.....

b.j.nichols, Sep 29, 4:37am
Umm, this is an acernot toshiba??

pcfix4u, Sep 29, 4:42am
Hi B J

gibler, Sep 29, 4:48am
Also can't you just boot into the recovery partition at power up with ALT + F10...

b.j.nichols, Sep 29, 4:57am
Hi PCfixI tried that a couple of hours ago and found it not to work, I presume that prog only works for XP, this laptop is Vista. Gibler, the alt-F10 does not work either. I am beginning to think the recovery partition is corrupt.

drcspy, Sep 29, 5:06am
Acer 0800862237 .

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