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petermcg, Sep 29, 6:37am
Changing HD from one PC to a new one Now my old PC is a bit slow so I buy a better one from Trademe now when I put my hard drive from the old computer into the new one It cant find the HD or the operating Syst. Tried booting from CD but it cant find the OS,,, the hard drive still works in the old computer,, Is this something in the setup or how do I do it.

blacklisted2, Sep 29, 6:44am
Maybe maybe you touched something inside computer and zapped and killed it? probably not. is there a jumper on master? look for pins on the back near the ide/sata plug and a cover thing. then a diagram of where it should be /where it is

malta, Sep 29, 6:45am
You will have to repair the operating system and install the new drivers onto the hard drive, if you're not too PC savy it will not be easy, might be better off to get a tech in your area to do it for you. Repair install doesnt always work either, might need to back up your data and format and re install

deodar, Sep 29, 6:47am
Its not recognised Better transfer to new formatted
HD in New.How many drives' it got?
How many bays? The HD should be
4Mat'd in new computer which you
don't want,but even a new HD I do
that to first.Then details're put
into BIOS on capacity,partitions
etc.Then it accepts the HD.

blacklisted2, Sep 29, 6:47am
By the sounds of his post the computer isnt even recognizing that the hard drive is there..

0800xford, Sep 29, 6:51am
what cd did you boot? are you using windows?

drcspy, Sep 29, 7:25am
you say it 'cant find the harddrive ' and you say it 'cant find the os' these are two totally different issues.......check the bios to see if the harddrive is showing up........what EXACTLY happens......dont just tell us 'it cant find' ........tell us EXACTLY what happens......error messages are VERY important.....also you say when you tried to boot from cd it 'cant find the os'....again ......what EXACTLY did you do and what EXACT errors if any did you get........

drcspy, Sep 29, 7:29am
Assuming it's an IDE drive what channel do you have it on......? and is it on its own ide lead ?

petermcg, Sep 29, 8:13am
!Thanks for suggestions so far. The hard drive is still in my old computer and I am using it at the moment,, When I put it in the new one , cant find a bootable disk. When I try to boot from CD rom, it cant find an operating system. Google tells me to remove BIOS battery start the computer and then reinstall battery. I will have another try tomorrow, and possibly try one or two drives that I know to be working,, and see what happens.

petermcg, Sep 29, 8:18am
!"Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device"

When I put in the Windows XP disk to repair, it said it could find no hard drive.

r.g.nixon, Sep 29, 8:26am
Check that the BIOS is set to 'auto detect' for hard drives.

0800xford, Sep 29, 8:52am
you might find SGD [supergrub] handy or even a live linux disc like, puppy.

bit, Sep 29, 9:03am
In the old computer -- is the harddrive plugged into the same cable as another device eg CD ROM or another harddrive? If this is the case in the old PC but not the new one you may have to change a jumper on the back of the harddrive. When the drive is the only one on the cable put the jumper to master. If that doesn't work try cable select.

bit, Sep 29, 9:08am
Another thing to check. Is that the cable is pushed in properly. (Is the drive spinning? Power might not be in properly). And makes sure cable is the right way around although you usually can't plug it in the wrong way. The red stripe usually goes at the power socket end. In any case windows won't boot without some fiddling about.

petermcg, Sep 30, 1:33am
!Ok what is happening her is that I have a pefectly good hard drive that now works in my existing computer. When I put it in the new computer, I can go into setup and it locates my drive and I set it as the first boot. At this point it will not find the operating system. Sometimes I see a message that I have to check the cables, now I have tried new cables and also connected to the IDE plug that the CD rom is on and I know that works. Hard drive is still not found. When I boot off the CD it cannot find the operating system.The Hard drive is being recognised by the computer, and it shows up in setup. I cant seem to contact the person I brought it off so I am really stuck here.

pcfix4u, Sep 30, 2:54am
Make sure you have a back up of all the data you don't want to lose. A new hard drive is the way to go.

petermcg, Sep 30, 2:57am
!The hard drive still works I am using it right now, its back in the old computer. It just wont work when I try it in the new computer. I know it must be a simple fix but I just dont know what to do.

drcspy, Sep 30, 3:14am
Ok you say "and I set it as the first boot. At this point it will not find the operating system"........what EXACTLY happens then ? do you get error messages or does it simply blue screen or whta ?

smac, Sep 30, 3:30am
Re 15 You say you're booting from the CD but can't find operating system? Sounds to me you're still trying to boot from the hdd. Are you getting the initial windows screens when you boot from the CD? What steps are you taking to boot from the cd?

kevin16, Sep 30, 3:39am
Op'I know it must be a simple fix but I just dont know what to do.',.. and subsequent posts from you, sounds like the best reason for you to get someone who does,....

petermcg, Sep 30, 5:12am
!OK update.I have now put another bigger Hard Drive in the new computer, Installed XP on it, This drive is working OK so it cant be the Computer, or the BIOS settings. For some reason I cant put my old drive in the new computer although it is still working in the old one (thats what Im using at the moment). Thanks every body for there help, I do take it all onboard. Now I would like to get the information of the old drive onto the new one, and are going to try to do it with,, Acronis Migrate Easy,,

smac, Sep 30, 5:15am
Oryou could use Windows Explorer....

gbbrot, Sep 30, 8:15am
Windows checks.. hardware changes. Fails to see the right hardware, throws a tantrum. Usual message is it can't find operating system. Simplest answer is to re0format drive, install operating system again and then use your back-up (you do have one, don't you) to re-install your data.

rich_mild, Sep 30, 11:45am
Petermcg........does sound like it's a jumper on wrong. It sounds like you are trying to copy you files from the drive from your old computer to your new computer. You did check the jumpers on the drive didn't you? Time to learn about master and slave settings.

drcspy, Sep 30, 2:57pm
I'm not goin to help peter cause peter cant seem to answer questions so its a waste of time.....

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