Adobe Premier Elements

Adobe Premier Elements ..doesn't recognise my JVC camcorder movies...says it is the wrong format. They are MOD movies but I use "SDCopy" to rename them to WMV....but alas still no there a conversion programme I can use to change to AVI or MOV that DOES NOT have the film losing quality?????

geek_gay-panda-guy, Sep 30, 7:26 am

Try dvd flick........

geek_drcspy, Sep 30, 7:35 am

I was bored so I googled for you and found Go to the Adobe Elements 7 folder in your "Program Files" folder and open the "Plug Ins" and "en_US" folders. Find a file called ImporterFastMPEG.prm and remove it. I moved it to the desktop until I test the software totally and make sure this doesn't cause other problems. If you are a brave, go ahead and delete it.
from this page - seems to work for many.

geek_nzmu, Sep 30, 7:36 am

Thanks nzmu I should have mentioned I have Adobe Premier Elements version 1.0....hey stop laughing eh haha!

geek_gay-panda-guy, Sep 30, 7:38 am

Time to upgrade GPG version 6 will be pretty cheap now that v7 is out

geek_ponyboy, Sep 30, 10:25 am

Not laughing - just smilingdid dvdflick work? There is one that may help but trial onlyvideoredo. Just google it

geek_nzmu, Sep 30, 10:27 am

Changed the extension to AVI ...and it imported...I am about to watch the 2 hour DVD on how to work the software lol! I looked for that file you mentioned but could not find it in there...

geek_gay-panda-guy, Sep 30, 1:44 pm

Re7 that file will turn up in that folder in about 4 years cos that's how far behind you are;)

geek_dino7, Sep 30, 7:09 pm

I also use Premiere 1.0. Still a powerful program. Someone recommended Any Video Converter. It's the most downloaded on CNET. I also found it very easy to work with.

geek_jaja6, Sep 30, 7:33 pm