Which one reads faster, dvd drive or harddrive?

jaja6, Sep 30, 1:45am
Which one reads faster, dvd drive or harddrive? I always thought that harddrive reads faster than a dvd drive, but noticed recently that dvd could be faster when copying files. Any idea?

blacklisted2, Sep 30, 1:49am
Did you make this comparison while copying files to your hdd

blacklisted2, Sep 30, 1:51am
Depends on fragmentation, random/sequential read/write.. my guess would be HDD, but hey is it possible to run an o/s off a dvd? damn i've gotta try that

morrisman1, Sep 30, 2:02am
Well just use a linux boot cd and you will realise that it is rediculously slow. think how long it takes to write 4.7gb to a dvd - on my dvd burner which is brand new and a desktop one it takes about 4.5 mins. Harddrive takes like 45 seconds to write that to my other harddrive and both are internal. The harddrive is multiple times faster than the dvd drive.

little_egypt, Sep 30, 2:03am
Of course you can run an OS off a DVD Give one of the karmic dailies a try.. [http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/current/]

blacklisted2, Sep 30, 2:10am
Thanks for the link egypt

little_egypt, Sep 30, 2:17am
There's two different factors The big advantage hard drives have is that they're designed to seek much faster, and SSD's are faster still. DVD and CD are designed to start reading at one end and keep going until they reach the other, they're very inefficient at just picking out one file somewhere in the middle. For raw throughput I think they're all about the same.

osymandias, Sep 30, 2:28am
I think you will find that throughput is much higher on a HD, mostly due to limitation of optical reads and low spin speed compared to HD/SSD.

little_egypt, Sep 30, 2:39am
Yeah, you're probably right but I'm too lazy to do benchmarks. Just thinking about it I'm pretty sure the read/write speed on HDD is a lot faster. The biggest factor with a live disk though is still the seek time.

whakatanerocks, Sep 30, 2:42am
Hrm, I wonder about a dvd-ram disk vs. HDD. HDD would still be faster I'd imagine, but the benchmarks would be interesting...

dino7, Sep 30, 2:59am
Unless its a sata optical drive we are talking about i thought all pata optical drives only ran at 33mhz whilst even a pata hdd can run at 133mhz so transfer times would be way slower on a pata optical drive?

drcspy, Sep 30, 3:35am
5 seconds on google: " VirtualDrive&4; Home 11
Play games and run CD/DVD applications without physical discs at 200X speed

Convert your CDs and unprotected DVDs into

little_egypt, Sep 30, 3:59am
That's 'marketingspeak' is that 200x faster than data rates, or 200x faster than 'single-speed' which is actually very slow. Also DVD throughput is a lot higher than CD. Also marketers spout loads of bullshit. Go google me some numbers in mbps..

drcspy, Sep 30, 4:19am
Cant be bothered it's easy enough for any one interested to run benchmark.......personally i dont care......I do know that a virtual drive IS faster than a 'real' optical .....specially if you mount it in a ram drive

little_egypt, Sep 30, 4:24am
Digging up some numbers myself 16x DVD speed is about 20mbps, SSD's seem to clock in at around 150 to 250 mbps, a WD 300G 10,000rpm SATA (VelociRaptor) drive at about 130mbps so it seems HDD is about 6x faster than DVD for raw throughput.

suicidemonkey, Sep 30, 5:00am
.Without worrying about numbers and crap, in a real-world scenario, hard drives are a lot faster than optical drives

jaja6, Sep 30, 6:30am
Thanks for the contributions. The picture is clear, with the backing of figures. Thanks a lot.

geek_little_egyp, Oct 26, 3:23pm
hard disks provide fast/slow access to data when compared to RAM
hard disks provide fast/slow access to data when compared to a DVD

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