G.dmt is faster than ADSL2?

G.dmt is faster than ADSL2? I'm trying out a different modem, my old one doesn't do ADSL2+. ADSL2 syncs at about 13Mb, but the speedtest shows only 4 Mb. G.dmt syncs at close to 8Mb, with a speedtest result of over 6Mb. Upload is the same on both at 0.5Mb. Wtf? Why would ADSL2+ be slower?

geek_cybertao, Sep 30, 7:14 pm

Perhaps your computer Needs to be optimised for the higher speeds. Seen that with default o/s settings on a number of computers & connection types.

geek_mrfxit, Sep 30, 7:23 pm

Difference could also be That your adsl+2 connection is not handling the line conditions at your place & is dropping to many packets, but the slower adsl is getting enough clean packets at the slower speed to appear faster.

geek_mrfxit, Sep 30, 7:26 pm

I know I'm on the edge of the cabinet's service area. I'm getting an SNR/margin of 12dB , 15dB downward attenuation, and 3.5dB upward. Those numbers seem pretty good to me, especially for the distance.

geek_cybertao, Sep 30, 7:35 pm