Torrent Leech.Can someone please send me a invite?

jaja6, Sep 30, 6:38am
Torrent Leech.Can someone please send me a invite? I had TL for years, but my son tried to log in using the wrong password and the account got closed down. Bugger!Is the good man Ply_boy still around?

deodar, Sep 30, 6:42am
Jaja6 You are hereby invited to open an a/c With Torrent Leach.We previously
received complaints from members
that you were leaching,& allowing
others to access your a/c.

0800xford, Sep 30, 6:46am
fed to a lolcat, what a way to go :o

jaja6, Sep 30, 6:53am
Can we be a bit more serious? I am.

0800xford, Sep 30, 6:56am

knight2216, Sep 30, 7:00am
I didnt log in for something like 30 days or so, so my account got deleted. It was gutting, especially since you try so hard to get one, and then you dont read the t&c, well you live and learn!, although if there is one avaliable. username at hotmail. Please no porn sign ups :(

deodar, Sep 30, 7:02am
Also prospective member You are too serious with a diminished sense of humour,
it is felt you fail all the entry
requirements;nobody would invite
a wet blanket to a celebration
party,or to join an org.

knight2216, Sep 30, 7:10am
What if the wet blanket goes into the dryer?

jaja6, Sep 30, 7:19am
Deoder, if you send a invite to jaajaa126 at gmail I promise to let you see my sense of humour.

jaja6, Sep 30, 7:56am
Deoder or anyone else, please show your sense of humour.

0800xford, Sep 30, 8:00am
we have been

knight2216, Sep 30, 8:06am
Sense of humour? Helen clark is hot!!

jaja6, Sep 30, 8:45am
I am more interested in Preiere 7. ...

deodar, Sep 30, 8:50am
Not original. As I was going up the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today,
I wish, I wish he'd go away.

jaja6, Sep 30, 2:16pm
I don't mind it's not original. Just send it over.

knight2216, Oct 1, 8:36am
Dadaaaaaa. There just finished dancing a fantastic performance, for the person who would kindly send me the invite.

Next trick---- to eat my hat!

knight2216, Oct 2, 5:05am
No invite starting to feel sad :(

0800xford, Oct 2, 5:11am
do u haz a sad?

paddaricko, Oct 2, 6:16am
I wouldn't worry bout it mate. I've been getting better speeds off TPB and other public tracker sites recently.

knight2216, Oct 2, 6:47am
Demonoid is still offline Im not a big user, but want fast speeds when I want something. At at the end of the month i max out all remaining usage i have.

paddaricko, Oct 2, 7:00am
Just add these to your torrent. Right click on torrent/properties, add those two urls from the imageshack link, if they're not already there. Instant speed increase. Well, that's been my experience. A little more info

knight2216, Oct 3, 5:56am
THANKS I will give them a go

guest, Sep 27, 2:31am
I would like to receie a invite Torrent Leech.

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