has anyone replaced 3 X 120mm server fans

Has anyone replaced 3 X 120mm server fans with quieter fans? The server is a Dell PowerEdge 2550 Users Guide Dual 1.12Ghz P3. I can clean them and maybe put a drip of oil in them to make them run quieter but maybe there is another quiet solution.

geek_olack, Sep 30, 9:24 pm

The only ways to make std fans quieter Any & maybe all of .. ..Is to slow them down/ sand smooth the edges of the blades (rough castings)/ anti-friction oil in the bearing/ anti-vibration mounts.

geek_mrfxit, Oct 1, 7:26 am

Put the server in a rack with doors inside an air conditioned server room. Connect remotely, you won't hear a single dB.

geek_gyrogearloose, Oct 1, 9:53 am

But yes, you could replace the fans with standard replacements. I've got a poweredge 2400 and it roars like a jet when started, and then changes down to half speed. If Dell haven't used standard fan connectors, then I'd suggest taking 12volt power from the wiring loom.

geek_gyrogearloose, Oct 1, 10:03 am

I had not booted the server further than the ..bios and loading Ubuntu(to the point where I could not understand what password was for what). When I enter the bios on LGA775 socket computers the processor fan will race loudly but once out of the bios the speed will slow so maybe when I figure out how to actually have the server operating system loaded the fans will quieten. The server is connected with all Dell standard fittings. I figure I have 12 months to have it working properly. May even build a wooden box and line it with cushions and rags...thank you you and you for the suggestions.

geek_olack, Oct 1, 1:42 pm

If it works out that I decide to use replacement fans is the voltage and amperage going to matter if I wire the fans to the Dell 10 pin socket on the thingamejig board where the fans are plugged in?

geek_olack, Oct 1, 10:29 pm

As I said in "If Dell haven't used standard fan connectors, then I'd suggest taking 12volt power from the wiring loom". I suggest that Dell's 10 pin socket where the fans are plugged in, the fact they roar like a jet on takeoff, but settle to half speed at cruising altitude, means that the existing fans are not 12volt - they might be rated up to 24 or 40 volts. My advice is to take a known source of 12volt power from the wiring loom, rather than risk the overvoltage that could occur if you connect generic 12volt fans to Dell's proprietary fan socket.

geek_gyrogearloose, Oct 2, 8:42 am

Ok gyrogearloose, thats makes sense thank you

geek_olack, Oct 2, 6:39 pm