has anyone replaced 3 X 120mm server fans

olack, Sep 30, 8:24am
Has anyone replaced 3 X 120mm server fans with quieter fans? The server is a Dell PowerEdge 2550 Users Guide Dual 1.12Ghz P3. I can clean them and maybe put a drip of oil in them to make them run quieter but maybe there is another quiet solution.

mrfxit, Sep 30, 6:26pm
The only ways to make std fans quieter Any & maybe all of .. ..Is to slow them down/ sand smooth the edges of the blades (rough castings)/ anti-friction oil in the bearing/ anti-vibration mounts.

gyrogearloose, Sep 30, 8:53pm
Put the server in a rack with doors inside an air conditioned server room. Connect remotely, you won't hear a single dB.

gyrogearloose, Sep 30, 9:03pm
But yes, you could replace the fans with standard replacements. I've got a poweredge 2400 and it roars like a jet when started, and then changes down to half speed. If Dell haven't used standard fan connectors, then I'd suggest taking 12volt power from the wiring loom.

olack, Oct 1, 12:42am
I had not booted the server further than the ..bios and loading Ubuntu(to the point where I could not understand what password was for what). When I enter the bios on LGA775 socket computers the processor fan will race loudly but once out of the bios the speed will slow so maybe when I figure out how to actually have the server operating system loaded the fans will quieten. The server is connected with all Dell standard fittings. I figure I have 12 months to have it working properly. May even build a wooden box and line it with cushions and rags...thank you you and you for the suggestions.

olack, Oct 1, 9:29am
If it works out that I decide to use replacement fans is the voltage and amperage going to matter if I wire the fans to the Dell 10 pin socket on the thingamejig board where the fans are plugged in?

gyrogearloose, Oct 1, 7:42pm
As I said in "If Dell haven't used standard fan connectors, then I'd suggest taking 12volt power from the wiring loom". I suggest that Dell's 10 pin socket where the fans are plugged in, the fact they roar like a jet on takeoff, but settle to half speed at cruising altitude, means that the existing fans are not 12volt - they might be rated up to 24 or 40 volts. My advice is to take a known source of 12volt power from the wiring loom, rather than risk the overvoltage that could occur if you connect generic 12volt fans to Dell's proprietary fan socket.

olack, Oct 2, 5:39am
Ok gyrogearloose, thats makes sense thank you

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