Website Hosting Astronet closing down

ilottl, Sep 30, 8:48am
Website Hosting Astronet closing down Any ideas who to use, I need at least a site that can host my 5 websites with at least 10gb of space and decent amount of traffic.

ilottl, Sep 30, 8:56am
Does anybody have any suggestions?

sighkick, Sep 30, 9:02am
Do you want to use your own Virtual Server or get the hosting via someone who provides this service. Are you particular where in the world you host or do you want a NZ host. Hostgator offers cheap hosting - they are recommended by - an Aussie based technical book publishing house and online information site. I could offer hosting myself, but we are not allowed to advertise :(

ilottl, Sep 30, 9:07am
Basically with astronet I get the ability to host up to 5 domains (3 are used at the moment with more coming). They are only brochure sites so not heaps of traffic and low maintenance. Thats all I'm looking to go to.. No database, shopping cart only backend process is a contact form...

bidda2, Sep 30, 9:11am
Is your traffic NZ or overseas? IE, do you want a local host or do you not mind something in America?

sighkick, Sep 30, 9:13am
Shopping cart with no database? ASP or PHP? Suppose it could use a crappy Access Db like one of my first Forums used. I am me at that g male place if you wish. No promises but I can provide you with more good overseas hosting sites if you wish. Overseas is generally cheaper but harder to contact when things go wrong.

ilottl, Sep 30, 9:18am
Oh sorry, I meant all I have is static website. No fancy stuff like shoppiong carts etc. My traffic is local but very limited because it is just brochure websites. In the 2-3 years, the site went down twice for around 2-3 hours so don't really care if in NZ or overseas...

sighkick, Sep 30, 9:23am
Ohonly staticThat should be no problem for many of us here on this forum. May I suggest you read my previous post carefully if you want to go further. Unfortunately we are not even allowed to lead a horse to water, much less offer them a drink!

d.snell, Sep 30, 1:23pm
You say it's static and basically a "brochure" style, why do you need 10GB of space. In html terms that's huge..

malachiman, Oct 1, 10:01am
Yeah i was going to ask the same thing whats with the 10gb of storage space???

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