ADOBE FLASH QUESTION (In Two Parts) Have Vista HP as my O/S and Firefox as my browser. Purchased four training CD's all from the same company. Three work well, one comes up with message "This programme requires Flash.ocx which is no longer included in this version of windows" I have Adobe Flash installed and there are no problems with other progrs

geek_konini2, Apr 24, 4:26 pm


geek_jancemord, Apr 24, 4:29 pm

Adobe Flash Question Part Two Did Google search on Flash .ocx and it produced the follwing message amongst others

Register the Flash ocx file manually

Navigate to C:windowssysten32MacromedFlash and locate the Flash file that the error message identifies

Choose Start Run, type cmd in the Open Box and then click OK

Type regsvr32 Flash8.ocx (or the version number listed in your error message) and then press Enter

A popup window should confirm the change with the following message
"DillRegister Server in Flash8 succeded

geek_konini2, Apr 24, 4:36 pm

Adobe Flash Question (Part Three) I am a slow typist and newbie!!!so based on the above instructions

How do I do this in Vista Home Premium and I do not wish to %%$^ up the system!!

Ironically, the problem CD is "Mastering Windows Vista" The other three are Mastering Word, Excel and Access 07. All of them work fine and they are from the same company. It is not a faulty CD as I have had it checked in the store where I purchased my computer

It is my problem, but a simple one that I don't know how to correct. Thanks #2 for your comments and any others which are appreciated

geek_konini2, Apr 24, 4:45 pm