would any of this affect gaming?

chessman, Oct 1, 8:40am
Would any of this affect gaming? got a friend whos flatmate keeps complaining that his online games are going slow and points the finder at my friend. they are on telecomes old unlimited plan still, telecom have tried to get them off it without success! problem is my friend doesnt do much online, only stuff like browsing, email, chatting on msn etcusing programs that upload download very small amounts of data and yet flatmate is complaining of games going slow. im assuming its telecom throttling the connection? but none of them believe me!

suicidemonkey, Oct 1, 9:06am
.Yeah if your friend is gaming at the same time the internet is being used for other things he will notice lag, even if it is just browsing

olack, Oct 1, 9:26am
If the upload connection rate is 128kbps it will not matter if a second computer is using the internet, the gaming will not be good. He needs to play his online gaming on NZ servers for no-lag gaming and will need an ingame ping of 30 whatsits. With full speed internet and gaming on auzzie servers the ping I get at best whil playing is about 100 and there is always lag. Full speed internet gives less lag than dial up and 128kbps Upload.

suicidemonkey, Oct 1, 9:28am
3Online gaming uses a lot less than 128kbps. I'm on 128k up, and I get 20ms ping on most NZ servers, and 60 on Aussie servers.

olack, Oct 1, 9:33am
How do you get 60 ping? ...do you use any trick? What upload and download rates in kbps do you get?

profink, Oct 1, 9:54am
Hell really? I could barely break 90ms to NZ servers when we had 128k up. Back to OP, even if your friend is uploading a small amount of data at the same time as your other friend is gaming, it will still effect his "ping". However it's not really any of their "fault". Switch to a plan with a faster upstream speed.

rahto, Oct 1, 8:51pm
Olack have a look at 'Interleaving'.. ask your ISP

rahto, Oct 1, 8:52pm
Accidently hit enterask your ISP to turn Interleaving 'off'.

olack, Oct 2, 12:03am
Thanks rahto, I will have a look at that .

cybertao, Oct 2, 12:07am
Haven't you complained of poor lines, olack? Interleaving is to reduce transmission errors. If you have bad lines, turning interleaving off could make your connection worse.

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