ADSL modem/netork curly question

hapukanz, Oct 2, 2:51pm
ADSL modem/netork curly question HIYA
Bit of a curly question here.
I have a 4 port Wireless ADSL modem.

We have 2 desktops plugged into the ADSL modem

Another port is used to connect to a network socket in the dining room.

The 4th port is used by the network printer

I want to add a network drive and another printer to the network but obviously have run out of ports

Can I plug a ethernet hub/switch into one of those 4 ports and extend my network options to make more ports??

drcspy, Oct 2, 4:17pm
Shouldn't be a problem .

mrfxit, Oct 2, 9:06pm
As long as the hub is called a "10/100 switch" Then no worrys at all (most modern multi port hubs are auto switchs these days)

richms, Oct 3, 2:16am
Yes, but you may find it better if you plug everything into the switch and have a single cable to the router if you are sharing files etc thru it. The switches in some routers iswell somewhat crap IME...

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