Static vs DHCP impacting file shares

smac, Oct 3, 4:00am
Static vs DHCP impacting file shares I've been trying to access my Windows 7 HTPC from my laptop. Was getting nowhere from both Mint and XP on the laptop. After a lot of frustration I have now determined it's actually to do with IP allocation. With the laptop using a static IP on either XP or Mint I could not see the HTPC or be seen. Using DCHP all is well. So there is some sort of weird domain/gateway thing going on, anyone any ideas? Linksys WAG160N router.

richms, Oct 3, 4:09am
Possibly the router is doing dns for the dhcp regitrations as well?

flewy, Oct 3, 4:14am
Iuse tightvnc on Vista and then just use Ubuntu's built in Remote Desktop viewer, works perfect.

smac, Oct 3, 4:35am
Re 3 Ya I've used vnc to the HTPC before, but that doesn't get my music to my laptop which is what I'm after. I'm actually still having problems with it now. Going to have a another look at the samba configuration on the linux machine.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 3, 6:11am
So are you getting to the HTPC by name or by IP? IE can you go //192.168.X.X/music etc and get to the HTPC? Or are you going //htpc/music, because if the IP works then its a DNS issue.

smac, Oct 3, 8:39am
Re 5 Gotcha' - now I'm getting somewhere. Once I figured out how to enter an address into nautilus (ie smb://...) I see it no problem. Checking the connection settings everything is 'auto' but it's not reporting what DNS server it's using (web works fine though?). Everything else is working fine so I'm a little reluctant to screw with it. Think I'll just bookmark it using the IP (the HTPC is never off for longer than the lease time so even though it's IP is allocated it's always the same).

smac, Oct 3, 8:42am
Re 2 I know you said dns as well, just wasn't sure what you meant!

spyware, Oct 3, 10:15am
Samba and dns are two totally different things that don't necessarily have anything to do with each other.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 3, 1:33pm
If you do an ipconfig or linux equiv, you will probly find your router is passing through your ISPs DNS servers, change the DNS to your routers address and it should fix the issue.

lucky015, Oct 3, 1:40pm
Just use Reseved addresses with DHCP Makes life easier...

smac, Oct 3, 8:35pm
Re 8 I know that, thanks. Been looking at the samba config, been looking at dns settings. Never said they were the same.

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