the best place buy RAM for an Acer

denika, Oct 5, 1:04am
Where is the best place to buy ram please for an acer sa85

deodar, Oct 5, 1:06am
Sheep farm/breeder. ...

demonknight, Oct 5, 1:14am
Tastes like children I heard.

whakatanerocks, Oct 5, 1:30am
Takes one to know one.

-kiel-, Oct 5, 1:31am
I wouldn't even bother clicking "Browse" , "computers" Then clicking "components" and clicking "memory ram", and I also wouldn't bother searching google for businesses that sell ram eitherIn fact I would remove the ram and rub it on the carpet, for a "static boost", I hear it makes your ram run faster...

whakatanerocks, Oct 5, 1:36am
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

denika, Oct 5, 1:40am
Arse oles it was a genuine question from a computor beginer

whakatanerocks, Oct 5, 1:46am
English beginner by the look too. Have you googled it? Or had a look onTM? Or compared a few prices on the internet?

ross1970, Oct 5, 2:18am - are very good. Under the hardware tab, computer memory. Obviously the first step is knowing exactly what ram you want..

soodanim, Oct 5, 2:19am
Name calling is a great way to get help suggest you google a sense of humour as well.

45kiwi, Oct 5, 2:59am
Acer SA85's take DDR-400 RAM (not DDR2). search on trademe for 'DDR400' or 'PC3200'. RAM is also fairly straight forward to install for a "computor beginer"

demonknight, Oct 5, 3:07am
A bright idea just fell from the sky. It appears many "computor beginers" are also illiterate. Me thinks a computer store that also gives English tutoring is in order.

denika, Oct 5, 3:30am
Thankyou 45 kiwi for a decent reply.
demomknight DROP DEAD

whakatanerocks, Oct 5, 3:33am
In all seriousness though, your spelling is pretty atrocious....

demonknight, Oct 5, 3:43am
The truck in the profile says it all.

whakatanerocks, Oct 5, 3:44am
Now I've got dueling banjo's running in my headha ha ha

denika, Oct 5, 4:14am
Demon whatever you could never afford a truck like that

demonknight, Oct 5, 4:22am
A truck does nothing for literacy apparently.

denika, Oct 5, 4:54am
Demon knit you are arrogant, a loser and an ignoramus,It's you who is illiterate.

dunedin_ree, Oct 5, 4:57am
Voted school holidays huh?

demonknight, Oct 5, 5:01am
Nice comeback son. Didn't expect much from you.

flewy, Oct 5, 5:07am
Honestly this is pretty pathetic why on earth could anyone not have decency just to answer the op question? Like bloody primary school here most days, easier to take the piss and belittle than make an effort.

art4ukiwi, Oct 5, 5:18am
LOL You guys are soooooooo bad.

denika, Oct 5, 8:09am
My words exactly flewy thank you

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