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akkadian, Dec 24, 7:09am
Anyone know much about the model 110-1111? Seems very cheap

dino7, Dec 24, 7:38am
seems like an incorrect price for that model . . . . . . . . . . . . wheres the link?

akkadian, Dec 24, 7:43am
Was just on TV. Limit of one per customer. Rewound and paused Mysky to make sure of price and that's definitely what it is

billybob57, Dec 24, 7:44am
I'll be there first thing at that price

soodanim, Dec 24, 7:48am
Yep saw it too. . . .
Gee Harvey Norman's website sux

phil_boy, Dec 24, 7:50am
10. 1" Screen
Intel Atom CPU N280
160GB Hard Drive
Windows XP

vtecintegra, Dec 24, 7:53am
I bet none of you actually get one.

Harvey Norman pulls this kind of stuff often, they will only have a couple per store.

akkadian, Dec 24, 7:54am
Think I'll get one for the Mrs to trash. Will be interesting to see how many are available in each store. They've probably only got 10 nationwide or something stupid! !

akkadian, Dec 24, 7:56am
"An unfair practice is a selling method which is misleading or unfair. Some of these practices are illegal under the Fair Trading Act. They include Bait advertising ie.

Advertising at a specified price goods or services without intending to supply them at that price, in reasonable quantities and for a reasonable time.

eg, you hear on the radio about a special offer on beds. You immediately go to the shop to buy one and find that there were only two 'on special' and they have been sold. The trader won' get another bed at the advertised price for you, and tries to sell you a more expensive bed.

jim205, Dec 24, 7:57am
Great deals, Very poor backup when things go wrong. Backup is crap! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

vtecintegra, Dec 24, 7:58am
They are definitely skating on thin ice WRT the FTA.

dino7, Dec 24, 7:59am
Yeah, i reckon about 2 per shop . . . . . . . . . . should be illegal to advertise without stating how many at that price per shop.

dino7, Dec 24, 8:01am
and lets face it . . . . . . . the employees rellys will end up with them;)

cessna3, Dec 24, 8:50am
There no small print about how many they have in stock on the newspaper add. http://tinyurl.com/ycq9zmz

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 24, 8:54am
Then go direct to HP, out of warranty, well your on your own there a bit.

phil_boy, Dec 24, 8:58am
Care to post more pics of the newspaper advert? Wouldn't mind seeing if they had a home theatre system for cheap :)

nokiacellphone, Dec 24, 8:59am
i know dunedin branch had a pallet load 2 wks ago for $399 and none sold so lets see how many they have

cessna3, Dec 24, 9:09am
They didn't, I'm looking for one also, they had Norton 2010 for $24 thou, as if anyone would buy it for $1.

phil_boy, Dec 24, 9:12am
Damn :(

jim205, Dec 24, 9:12am
Not out of warranty just major run around. Shit salesman.

jim205, Dec 24, 9:12am
Not out of warranty just major run around. Shit salesman.

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 24, 9:13am
Yeah, bypass the store where possible, its just another hold up.

dino7, Dec 24, 9:16am
must say i am tempted to drive the 25kms to the nearest store to see if i get lucky. . . . . . . . if i don't i'll just buy that hp mini netbook:P

missyone, Dec 24, 9:18am
I'm more keen for one of the Sharp LCDs for the bedroom

chuckie30, Dec 24, 9:19am
Some of their stores have their own tech dept. My local store will go very far to make sure you get the best service.

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