Broadband, Telecom vs Vodafone

Hi there!

I'm trying to find out the download and upload speeds of these 2 providers.

We're currently with Telecom (xtra) and thinking of moving to Vodafone but would appreciate hearing from others that may have switched and how you found the speed etc?


geek_juger0, Dec 22, 6:07 pm

I hate Vodafone with a passion since they took over Ihug all the plans have become crappy and the worst thing is their highest Data allowance is 40Gig.

geek_thusisperfectio, Dec 22, 6:10 pm

I changed to orcon

geek_mford007, Dec 22, 6:18 pm

Orcon have just put in a nasty little sandvine.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Dec 22, 6:52 pm

Vodafone are scum don't go to them.

geek_mr-word, Dec 22, 10:19 pm

Im with vodafone on one property and telecom on the other. Vodafone is really fast, and they do not throttle my speed like what Telecom did to me.

geek_mone, Dec 23, 1:19 am

We were with ihug. . With voda Im pretty sure we cant even change broadband plan without getting homeline as well. Quite a pain. I'm on one of the OLD plans with peak/offpeak data allowances. . too lazy to switch ISPs though :S :S I was going to switch to Telecom though

geek_wpcnz, Dec 23, 10:53 am

Hmmm, still unsure. Vodafone are offering the free MySky and they are $10 per month cheaper (for 20gb) than Telecom (10gb) and it all includes homeline etc. . . I just don't know how they rate speed wise as an ISP. If it's through Ihug weren't they pretty good or have Vodafone messed it all up?

geek_juger0, Dec 23, 11:56 am

vodafone are wholesale off telecom, so most likley same speeds right! ? lol. . anyway telecom 10gb comes with free calling nationally, and 10bux extra free calling to aus. . so depends on your needs. .

geek_jay-can, Dec 23, 1:45 pm

I am switching from Vodafone to Inspire early next year. Inspire was top ISP by Consumer Institute, in term ofspeed and customer satisfaction. My choice: $58 for 20G, no fixed line.

geek_jaja6, Dec 23, 2:03 pm

I think slingshot got good deals on their Next big thing for example next big thing #1 you get 5gb free offpeack, homephone line. aspx

geek_sky-dragon, Dec 23, 2:07 pm

Um no. Unbundling in 2006 means need not buy and resell the service itself, accepting any constraints imposed by the carrier, but can, through its own equipment, provide a different service. For example, early ADSL2+ (an ADSL upgrade offering up to 25Mbit/s in one direction), or an uncapped broadband line, or even faster two-way DSL variants such as SHDSL (symmetric high-bit-rate DSL) and VDSL (very-high-speed DSL) could be on offer"

geek_mone, Dec 23, 2:31 pm

woop! okay. . well all i know is at the end, they're using telecom's lines, and vodafone would be wholesaling a majority of their customers except auckland where they have the rednetwork (untill certain areas are cabinetised for adsl2

geek_jay-can, Dec 23, 2:44 pm

And that explains why Vodafone has been offering prices below that of Telecom for so long

geek_mone, Dec 23, 6:24 pm

I assumed they just resold Telecom stuff except the Redzone? Anyway, pretty much every ISP offers better deals than Telecom.

geek_thusisperfectio, Dec 24, 7:21 pm

Yup I took up this deal with the ultimate pack. they pay the $15 rental for the mysky HDI unit. Speeds are good for me, and my ping has lowered from what it was on Telecom which is awesome for my PS3 online gaming!

geek_willz29, Dec 25, 4:03 pm

That is actually true. Their deal is the best. Enjoying it for 3 weeks now!

geek_maxi090605, Dec 25, 11:19 pm

at the end, its who has the best customer service! ?

geek_jay-can, Dec 26, 10:20 am

False. why would u need good customer service when you can have a ISP that the line performs good and its good competitive price and no complains when you dont really need to call customer service so dont care about customer service care more about the reliability and the deal and performance etc is more vital!

geek_sky-dragon, Dec 26, 11:28 am

Vodaphone are S**T! ! ! I am with them and the first year or so it was fine, now it is pathetically slow and every time I call to complain I just get some smart arse who is rude and does not give a s**t!

geek_macush, Dec 26, 11:47 am

skydragon - well if you read above post - their goes one example about customer service. . you could be the lucky 1/10, 000 customers that dont need to call for services and support

geek_jay-can, Dec 26, 12:41 pm

well if you know what you doing and dont have trouble with your pc why would you need customer service. last time i remember i called customer service was when I signed up lol. also if you have problems you can email them

geek_sky-dragon, Dec 26, 12:51 pm

Could someone please suggest the best value for wireless broadband, only need it for 5mths, not sure which is the best option and value for money

geek_rd1rutland, Dec 26, 5:51 pm

if your in an unbundled area then orcon will give you the best speed, i get 18mbps here and if i had gone with any other isp i would of got around 4 to 5mbps.

geek_princelee, Dec 26, 6:18 pm

Go with Woosh. or get the vodem from Vodafone

geek_sky-dragon, Dec 26, 6:24 pm

We was with telecom some time back. . . We went over to Ihug (now Vodafone had bought them out). . .

We 1st found Ihug really good, better than Telecom, BUT since Vodafone bought them out it has gone to the pack. . .
We moved house & it took them THREE MONTHS to get our services & bill(s) right, they had to PAY us to stay. . .

We are now looking at droping Ihug/vodafone & going back to Telecom cos they was much better than what we are getting now!

We are also getting rid of Vodafone cellphones for Telecom phones, we went to 2 degrees, BUT they are using Vodafone so we have no choice to move to Telecom!

geek_kiwigal, Dec 26, 6:47 pm


geek_hazey, Dec 26, 8:44 pm


geek_sky-dragon, Dec 26, 9:08 pm

Vodaphone sucks ! We only got them when they took over Ihug. Trouble is we can't find anyone else offering the same upload/download speeds and at least 20 gb for the price they offer.

geek_praxxis, Dec 29, 8:56 pm

Have you tried I think they are cheaper than Vodafone look for Next big thing on their website

geek_sky-dragon, Dec 29, 9:25 pm