how much to replace thermal sensor in an acer 5500

livmakt, Dec 22, 8:46am
laptop, any ideas on rough price? Merry Christmas tmmb computing and thanks for your endless help to everyone.

livmakt, Dec 22, 9:29am
someone have an idea?

livmakt, Dec 22, 1:32pm
well i never. like OMG. bah humbug to you all. hope your pressies get stuck in the chimney. (joke)

chuckie30, Dec 22, 6:39pm
From what I've gathered, the thermal sensor is embeded in the cpu. What is wrong with the laptop?

livmakt, Dec 22, 9:30pm
Its switching off after being on for 5min, sometimes less. Speedfan tell me its getting to about 34oC then shuting down.
If i blast it with air from behind its sweet and runs at around 31oC forever with no probs but im sick of my eyes watering from the blasted air. haha

soodanim, Dec 22, 10:00pm
34 degrees is feck all. . . . go to the bios and check if there is a shut down temp and see if it's 34 degrees if it is then make it a little higher. . . .

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