kiwimaori, Dec 20, 10:45pm
Is it true that you can only refill your printers a few times before you get a error message? My HP1210 was going perfectly, refilled with genuine parts and the last refill got all these error messages. I did exactly what I had done with previous refills. Can't see why I need to buy a new printer. If there is some kind of manufacturing software that is doing this, does anyone know of a programme that will allow me to keep using the printer.

chuckie30, Dec 21, 1:12am
What sort of error messages?

hypolilme, Dec 21, 4:12am
what cartridge does this printer take? and what error messages?
I have worked as a printer repairer and ink refiller, and i kno that only some of the hp printers have issues with killing cartridges

malachiman, Dec 21, 4:16am
must be real urgent? ? ! ?

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