Acer aspire 5502WXMi overheating? and in chinese

So just after an idea of how much to replace thermal sensor in lappy i got. After some googlefun, ive come to the conclusion thats why its shutting down after running for 7min and then 5min and then 3min etc.
Trying to install speedfan but need to let it cool completely so i get 7min again. lol.
Also do yaz know if i can change language into good old engrish. After some more googlefun it seems this isn't possible. Hoping im wrong. Sticker on back says its got windows xp home simpchn 672.
help oh gurus

geek_livmakt, Dec 21, 10:59 am

you have a knocked off version of china xp?

geek_0800xford, Dec 21, 11:53 am

hmmm not to sure what you mean there oxy. its got a coa sticker on the back. but it says xp home simpchn (simple chinese? )
More interested in the overheating probs as i can struggle with chinese until i can get xp (english) reinstalled

geek_livmakt, Dec 21, 12:04 pm

that's interesting, you have only just signed up here and call me oxy. . .

geek_0800xford, Dec 21, 12:06 pm

never heard of lurkers? much be hundreds dude

geek_livmakt, Dec 21, 12:08 pm

boot into your bios and see if you can view the temps/settings
it's an old one right? edit: not -that- old
maybe the cpu paste is rooted [dry]

geek_0800xford, Dec 21, 12:12 pm

yes ive been reading about cpu paste. off to the tech shop then dammit. lol

geek_livmakt, Dec 21, 12:14 pm