Help - AC adapter internally sparking on laptop

midsta, Dec 20, 4:47am
So this started happening today. Am running on laptop battery only as I'm guessing it's not safe? . Where do I get a cheap replacement in ChCh. Laptop is a a Compaq Presario about 5 years old. Adapter is Input 110-240V 50-60hz, output = 18. 5v, 120w, 6. 5A Series PPP017H. Is there a suitable one on Trademe? Hoping someone may have a spare or know of a 'bin' of them. Thanks.

r.g.nixon, Dec 20, 4:58am
I get 'crackling' coming thru the speakers on my Compaq Armada (10 yrs old) at times. If the connection loosens too much, it powers off, so I just unplug it and plug it back in.
I doubt that 18. 5 volts is going to kill anyone.

midsta, Dec 20, 6:21am
Got a bit of a burnt smell as well so think I'll replace. Just thought there may be a business that sells them cheap/second hand

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 20, 6:23am, buy a genuine one, I have seen more than one laptop dc socket destroyed by aftermarket power adapters that don't quite fit properly. Which may well be the case with your laptop by the sounds.

hypolilme, Dec 20, 10:41am
Totally agree, genuine is best, but if indeed you are looking for a replacement second hand or cheap one there is a place i have heard ofon ferry rd and there is another one i have seen on aldwins rd (near raeward fresh, same side, towards eastgate)

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