Telecom or Vodafone 3G prepaid broadband stick ?

Which one is better? or are they just the same just different providers.

To go with a netbook, for basic uses ie. emails, internet banking, no gaming or downloading.


geek_jaeanas_nan, Dec 20, 4:45 pm

All depends on who's tower is closest to where you intend to use it. . . Saying one network is better than the other is pointless if they don't even have towers in your area. . .

geek_lucky015, Dec 20, 5:54 pm

OP do you want to be mobile otherwise lucky's comment is partially irrelevant. The Telecom XT network is superior to Voda.

geek_radiowaves, Dec 20, 6:38 pm

yes. we will be mobile, be using it over the christmas holiday period, thats all, travelling around south island.

Then just have our normal pc & cable for home use.

geek_jaeanas_nan, Dec 20, 7:10 pm

Not sure about prepaid TC vs Voda but certainly TC beats the crap out of Voda atm for post paid. . . we're using it.

geek_radiowaves, Dec 20, 7:13 pm

That depends on where you are. A guy on geekzone did speed test all around the country and found it really depends on where you are to whom is going to have the better speeds.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Dec 20, 7:13 pm

XT, by a country mile.

geek_jp.r, Dec 20, 7:38 pm

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geek_guest, Jun 3, 6:09 pm