Best printer for photos

judmer, Dec 19, 5:38am
What is the best printer - either a photo printer on its own or a multi function, to print photos from our camera. Not overly clued up on this. What is the best - bubble jet, ink jet or what. Thanks in advance

vtecintegra, Dec 19, 6:32am
I have an hp Photosmart C5380 MFD. It produces excellent prints but be aware it is not cheap to run - much much cheaper to get prints from the local photo store, or even the Warehouse, Harvey Norman etc

judmer, Dec 19, 6:43am
Thanks. I know they are more expensive to run but we dont print alot of photos. We currently have a brother Multi Function and thats pretty expensive as am always buying catridges.

chuckie30, Dec 19, 6:53am
way cheaper to get harveys or some such to print for you and usually better quality than you can on your inkjet

deej5, Dec 19, 9:30am
I use two printers. An Epson CX8300 for general printing and scanning. And an Epson stylus Photo R800 for high quality photo printing.

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 19, 10:45am
Yeap go into someone with a wetlab, such as harvey norman, awesome quality photos, and cheap enough, especially when they have promos. Works out quite expensive printing at home once you buy the paper etc.

pootinarna, Dec 19, 7:34pm
agree on the R800, fantastic photo output, just dont use any old paper though or your liable to get track marks from the paper feeder all down your image

hakatere1, Dec 19, 8:57pm
Printer on the main road in Ashburton did a 10x12 for me for $5. Couldn't believe they could do it so cheap.

rainrain1, Dec 19, 9:13pm
I have an Epson TX100, it prints beautiful quality photos as long as you use the good quality paper and co-ordinate your settings to match. It is expensive though, but you will enjoy being able to print your own

judmer, Dec 19, 9:15pm
Thanks for all your suggestions. We are thinking of getting just a photo printer. Have already a multi function to do everything else like printing invoices, accounts etc. But have had it for about 6 years so may also look at upgrading it and have one with a photo print as well. Just confused with all the selection

rainrain1, Dec 19, 9:21pm
Epson TX100 is an all-in-one print/copy/scan

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