I have successufully installed the printer

jaja6, Dec 18, 4:01am
software and driver. The printer shows up in Wordpad>print etc. But somehow it did not print. I use WinXP, the printer is Canon MPC190, connected using USB cable. It looks like the printer is not recognised by the computer. What can I do to get them talking? Thanks.

jaja6, Dec 18, 4:28am
On the Device Manager, there is question mark next to the printer. How can get it right? Cheers.

0800xford, Dec 18, 4:30am
have you rebooted?

r.g.nixon, Dec 18, 4:31am
Did you have instructions? It is often important to install the software *before* you connect up / power up the printer.

jaja6, Dec 18, 4:42am
oxford: I have rebooted.

jaja6, Dec 18, 4:47am
I knew it should install the software first. It's my friend's pc. Is there a way to sort out the question mark in Device Manager.

0800xford, Dec 18, 4:51am
are all these threads of yours genuine?

jaja6, Dec 18, 4:55am
of course genuine!

rainrain1, Dec 18, 5:02am
Go to Start, Control panel, Printers and other Hardware, View Installed Printers, and make sure your printer is ticked

0800xford, Dec 18, 5:09am
uninstall the thing from your device manager and start again.
run ccleaner and reboot at least once too.

jaja6, Dec 18, 5:39am
The printer is installed successfully, and it's ticked. The problem is the printer is not recognized by pc. Thanks.

0800xford, Dec 18, 5:43am
maybe even try a windows update with it plugged in, you never know. . .
[as well as the above]

jaja6, Dec 18, 5:43am
Oxford, pc usually recognizes it when a USB based device is plugged or unplugged. In this case, it's not. What seemed to be the problem? The cable is new and should be good. How can I make the pc to recognize it again?

jaja6, Dec 18, 5:46am
My friend has connected the printer with pc without installing the software for a few weeks. I think that caused the problem.

0800xford, Dec 18, 5:46am
do other usb devices work in the same port?

0800xford, Dec 18, 6:00am
post #4 in your other thread http://is. gd/5s6rI

"Windows wouldn't let me Copy and Paste onto a USB drive, or Drag or Drop. "

jaja6, Dec 18, 6:11am
That's the printer driver I found on the net. Worked fine after I restarted pc. Cheers.

Are you a full-timer on this board, Oxford?

jaja6, Dec 18, 6:14am
I should mention the earlier thread was for my pc, the thread started today was for my mate's pc. I am now home for the day.

chito, Dec 18, 6:33am
Have you looked in the printer properties/ports to make sure it is installed on a USB port?

0800xford, Dec 18, 7:15am

drcspy, Dec 18, 2:06pm
printers dont show up in device manager so what is it that has the ? ? mark ? ? ?

And did you have the printer connected when you ran the install program ? Most usb devices require that you do NOT have it connected untill the program asks for you to connect. you need to fix whatever has teh ? ? in device manager then you need to check that the printer in controlpanel/printers/properti-
es is using the correct port. . . . . .

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