printer trouble help pls

horlemann, Dec 17, 10:41pm
i have a hp deskjet f2100 all in one. i have not used it for awhile. i bought a new black cartridge for it but the ink light on the printer keeps flashing and wont print. it also has a slot for a colour cartridge. does it need both cartridges installed to work or should i be able to print with only the black one installed?

horlemann, Dec 17, 10:46pm
it automatically printed a test page after putting the black cartridge in but ink light keeps flashing on it

deodar, Dec 17, 10:47pm
Is there a user manual installed? As we say RTFM

gibler, Dec 17, 10:52pm
http://h10032. www1. pdf

Well actually that is the f2110

gyrogearloose, Dec 18, 2:26am
Without reading the manual, I think the error means that both the black AND colour cartridges need to be fitted.

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