Getting mid from computer to iphone 3gs

gj0502, Dec 16, 10:52am
Thought computing was the best place to post this, just got an iphone 3gs 16gb, i need to get a ringtone from my laptop to the iphone, have tried blue tooth with no success and transferred the file to my old phone through blue tooth and then tried to send phone to phone and still wouldn't work, even tried emailing it to myself and checking on iphone and attachment wouldn't show, any ideas? Thanks

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 16, 11:53am
Yeah thats never going to work on an Iphone, im pretty sure you will have to import it as a song into itunes and add it that way, not 100% on that, yet to join the jesus phone band wagon.

andygreen33, Dec 16, 9:19pm
you can't do midi files, but you can get an MP3 and use some software to cut it down to 30 seconds. . . iPhones only allow 30 seconds on the ringtones. . . then covert to MP4.

Once saved to your computer as ringtone. mp4 you need to rename the file to ringtone. m4r and then with your iphone connected, double click the file. Itunes will do the rest.

This is hwo to do it on a mac
. html

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