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tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:13am
Any advice would be much appreciated :)I have a laptop - wooohooo, but can't get it connected - boohoo lolThe problem is that the com ports are missing, I've researched it on the net (desktop) and can't find any at all in the hardware place and searching on control panel through system, to device manager - they are completely missing, same as the modem really. Is there any way around this or do I need to take it in to a comp place and get them to fix it? And if I do - any idea on how much they will charge? Many thanks

d.laidlaw, Dec 15, 2:17am
connected to what

r.g.nixon, Dec 15, 2:17am
Check in the BIOS to see if they are there - could be there and disabled.

vtecintegra, Dec 15, 2:20am
I don't think it has a dial up modem or any serial ports (both are obsolete technology).

If you want to use dial up you'll need to purchase a modem compatible with the system, either USB or one that will fit the PC card slot

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:22am
connected to the net as the coms ports aren't there. Thank goodness I have the old comp still lol. I have checked in the BIOS r. g and nope not there either. I checked in device manager and got the hidden ones up - but they weren't the com ones.

soodanim, Dec 15, 2:25am
connect how. . . dial up or broadband. . . .

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:25am
ahhh so that will be why there's no modem in the device manager place then. It does have an ethernet connection at the back of the laptop, which is good as that's what I use on the desktop so don't need dial-up stuff, it's just that the COMS ports aren't anywhere to be found so can't do anything lol

d.laidlaw, Dec 15, 2:26am
You don't need com ports to access your network/broadband connection via ethernet.

vtecintegra, Dec 15, 2:27am
By COM port do you mean 'ethernet adapter'. Because they are quite different things.

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:29am
oh your flippen kidding me d. laidlaw? I've been trying to sort the damn thing since Sunday lol. I got the damn thing as it's far more versatile than the desktop and I'm kinda at that stage now with the rescue work I do - but honestly, I felt like throwing the thing in the bin the last few days. I guess I call the people I have the net account with then?

soodanim, Dec 15, 2:31am
OK, so what modem do you have?

r.g.nixon, Dec 15, 2:32am
No, he's not kidding.

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:33am
In the device manager it has the ethernet connections showing there in other I think it is, but on my desktop it doesn't show the ethernet connection but does the ports (com & LPT). I've been trying to load a modem through the Phone and Modem area in control panel and each time I've tried to pick a modem, it won't go any further as the ports aren't in the next part of the set-up. Sorry for waffling so much - just trying to give all the info adn been kinda freaking out it's going to be a huge cost to fix as I don't have that sort of money.

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:35am
ummm - the laptop doesn't have one in the device manager, although it has a network thingee if that makes sense. But I'm with woosh and we use a router as there's two comps in the house so the house modem is a woosh one.

soodanim, Dec 15, 2:36am
You don't usually need to do anything other than connect the modem to the computer via Ethernet cable.

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:37am
And thank you for all the posts - I hope I didn't sound rude to d. laidlaws post - I didn't mean to, just more shocked that I don't need the damn things showing.

d.laidlaw, Dec 15, 2:37am
What version of windows are you running. Have you got a cable plugged into the ethernet port? If so then go to control panel, network connections and it should show a connection for local network?

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:38am
opps - wireless - I there's different thoughts on Woosh, but apart from loosing the signal ever now and then - it's been really good :)

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:41am
it has windows xp home on it now - but I also have a disc with xp professional I can use if needed. I don't think I have had it set-up like that as I assumed I needed the ports and modem loaded. I can do that now using the desktop ethernet and if that fails come connect it back into this one so I can post lol

d.laidlaw, Dec 15, 2:42am
You will need a cable connected somewhere.

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:45am
inside the laptop?

vtecintegra, Dec 15, 2:49am
Instructions are here: https://www. woosh.com/ContentClient/Pdf/Guide/ModemQuickRefe
renceGuide. pdf

It looks like the ethernet connection isn't a normal one and you'll still need to install drivers for the modem (it will have come with a CD).

soodanim, Dec 15, 2:49am
to the laptop into a port, does it connect via ethernet or USB the wireless modem?

tanzychins, Dec 15, 2:56am
I use a ethernet to the modem now soodanim if that helps lolThe laptop has just an ethernet connection. Not the phone one and it has 3 USB ones. Yup vtecintegra I do have the disc - will see what happens again I guess lolThanks for the instructions - will pull them up on here so I can refer to them. Back soon hopefully lol

tanzychins, Dec 15, 6:34am
OK - so that's not working lol - Can anyone remember the http://192. 168 etc where you go on as admin and do some of this: Enter "admin" as the "User Name" and "1234" as "Password" then click "OK"
10) Click "Wizard Setup"
11) In "Host Name" enter your user-id - as supplied by your ISP (for your user name make sure you include your ISP's domain as part of it. I wqonder if I can get in that part if it will let me do what I need. I remember I did that when I signed up with wooshm, but apart from waiting on hold for 20 mins - thought I'd try here lol

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