hi does anyone have a copy of microsft access 2003

that i could buy. i have the student and teacher edition of office 2003 it doesnt include access

geek_sweetner6, Dec 12, 8:37 pm

if you dont necessarily need the microsoft version why not install open office it has 'base' which is pretty much the same

geek_drcspy, Dec 12, 8:41 pm

how would i do that? it pretty much just has to be the same as 2003 version rather than 2007 etc

geek_sweetner6, Dec 12, 8:43 pm

They are completely different!

geek_radiowaves, Dec 12, 8:58 pm

What. Does Open Office have Access? I don't believe it does

geek_revliskci, Dec 12, 10:22 pm

any ideas of how to get it?

geek_sweetner6, Dec 12, 10:27 pm

it took a while to upload several months back, do you wish to take that time to download the full 2003suite access included

geek_skin1235, Dec 12, 10:45 pm

is there any way to just get access as already have excel , word and powerpoint, thanks

geek_sweetner6, Dec 12, 11:22 pm

I'm not sure, certainly not from this suite, and not sure if it ever shipped as a loner, will check and post again in the morning

geek_skin1235, Dec 12, 11:26 pm

? ? ? do you have a 2003 access file that 2007 won't read? , they were not backward compatible in there somewhere but I think you can download a compat pack to fix that problem now

and yes access used to ship as a stand alone - prior to 2000, not sure about later versions, still looking

geek_skin1235, Dec 12, 11:49 pm

yes i have it, access 2003, contact me on one of my auctions

geek_rkarajan, Dec 13, 3:44 am

dunno it looks similar to me anyway cant say iv'e used it

geek_drcspy, Dec 13, 4:20 am

It is very different but with SOME similarities. If you haven't used it why do you pass comment?

geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 9:05 am

wtf ?

I was merely offernign the OP an alternative which they may not have been aware of (free also) so stuff it somewhere

geek_drcspy, Dec 13, 10:19 am

drcspy is having another bad day. . . take no notice!

geek_eevent, Dec 13, 10:59 am

No worries I don't take any notice of people who profess to know all about something in one breath and then in another state they have no experience with it. DUH!

geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 12:11 pm

so you think this:

"if you dont necessarily need the microsoft version why not install open office it has 'base' which is pretty much the same"

fully exonerates your arrogant statement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . duh yourself. . . . . . . . . . tell me EXACTLY just how and in what ways office 'base' is different from Ms access ? details if you will.

geek_drcspy, Dec 13, 6:12 pm

dude, it's a troll.

geek_0800xford, Dec 13, 6:13 pm

I had troll for breakfast

geek_puddleduck00, Dec 13, 6:23 pm

I'm sure you're not really after an answer but for what it's worth

"The database component, Base, can be connected to Access tables, which can be used in place or copied into Base's HSQLdb engine. But the other parts of the Access database (forms, queries, reports) and anything like programs or scripts built for custom processing, are not available to Base. It uses a completely different structure. "

I think that puts it more succinctly than I could have.

A simple google could have answered your question if you were really interested.


geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 6:54 pm

PS My statement was clearly NOT arrogant as I was correct and you were wrong. Who is the arrogant one?

Have a great evening.

geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 6:55 pm

so what if they're not 'intercompatible' they do the same thing dont they

geek_drcspy, Dec 13, 7:04 pm

Sort of.
Would you say that MS paint and the GIMP do the same thing?

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 13, 7:10 pm

FFS. Is this the five minute argument or the full half hour? Essentially they are not compatible as you intimated. OO is very good and highly compatible with MS Office EXCEPT for base/access. Yes base can connect to Access tables, so can a myriad of other products. Queries, Forms and Reports are totally incompatible as are numerous other features.

But hey, you have invented a new word "intercompatible" which is clearly a synonym for interoperable. . . well done.

geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 7:19 pm

Great analogy RGN.

geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 7:20 pm

these two programs have very different levels of capability. . . . . .

I doubt that ms access and open office base could be considered in the same way.

geek_drcspy, Dec 13, 8:01 pm

They can open and manipulate the same base data files. About the same level of compatibility as between Access and Base.

geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 8:08 pm

my original suggestion was not with regard to compatibility but with regard to capability. Openoffice base is a very capable database program and an excellent workingalternative which can be used for the creation of database files should the op not be able to purchase or otherwise acquire ms office. For all I know they weren't even aware there was another database program available. . . . .

geek_drcspy, Dec 13, 8:14 pm

LOL. . . I see you have backed down. Please get the last word in you know you want to.

geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 8:22 pm

all i've done is re-stated and clarified my original posts/position. . . .

geek_drcspy, Dec 13, 8:26 pm

This might be a suitable comparison:

The Linux CLI vs the Windows GUI.
- Both are powerful.
- Beginners usually prefer a GUI though.

Access is a GUI on top of the JET database engine.
OOo doesn't have much of a GUI for Base AFAIK (but I haven't really looked)

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 13, 8:27 pm

Lets just leave it up to readers of this thread. I'm sure THEY have some sense.

geek_radiowaves, Dec 13, 8:32 pm

Here is a good explanation:

There is one big difference. It amounts to 15 years of development and a multi-million dollar budget.
Both are database front-ends, which can be used to read, display and possibly write several types of tabular data sources from CSV to higher end database servers. Access can create single-file databases from scratch by using the MS JET engine, Base pretends to do the same thing when it wraps http://hsqldb.org/ into a zip-archive.

OOo is strictly focussed (and limited) to document creation (text, spreadsheet, presentations, vector graphics with charts and mathematical formulas). Thus Base is hardly more than a bridge to import data sources regardless of file formats into office documents. Reporting is based on the Writer component. All input forms are attached to office documents. Currently, the main focus of development seems to be the integration of a third-party, open source report engine to allow professional reports, close to what you can do in Access. Again, these reports dump grouped and sorted content plus charts and pictures out of existing databases into Writer's layout capabilities. The Sun Report Builder extension does not help you developing new databases nor input forms.

Access has a strong focus on ease-of-use for the database developer. This is almost non-existent in Base. When it comes to developing a new database or input forms for existing databases, Base is best used by some SQL-literate developer able to avoid all of it's graphical tools:SQL is something that can be learned easily and helps to operate any database, including Base and Access.

geek_r.g.nixon, Dec 13, 9:11 pm

hi wow just checked back here lol. no i dont have access 2007 i need a copy of access 2003 for a course im doing and the instructions etc are based round 2003 version

geek_sweetner6, Dec 15, 11:56 am

My advice: choose a better course, one that teaches concepts that can be used across a wide variety of database software. Learning a specific package is always a bad idea, especially when it is out of date before you've even started it.

IMO Access is really only suitable as a front end for a proper rdbms anyway, even if its only whatever MS is calling the free version of SQL Server these days.

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 15, 1:19 pm

#36 even if it is teaching concepts it will be teaching them in a particular product. If someone is learning it is far easier to learn in a compatible environment than having to convert everything you are trying to work on.

geek_d.laidlaw, Dec 15, 1:24 pm

Well in that case at least choose a course that teaches current versions.

Even government departments are starting to move off 2003 these days

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 15, 1:27 pm

The concepts are the same even if the ribbon bar has been introduced in 2007.

You just argued that it shouldn't matter which product you use you should be taught concepts. Now you are argueing that the product version is vital.

geek_d.laidlaw, Dec 15, 1:30 pm

It is unreasonable to expect someone to source an out of date and quite expensive software package just to do a course.

I agree conceptually it shouldn't matter which version they use, but it really does depend on how the course is run.

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 15, 1:35 pm

i havent been arguing about anything ? this is what i got told -

You will need Access 2003, which is very hard to find in normal sale. The only place that I can think of is Trade me, computer repair shops, or if you can use somebody??ôs computer that has that programme( not a great solution tough).

Another option is to use Assess 2007. However, if you??ôve never used Access before it may be confusing when it comes to following the instructions.

geek_sweetner6, Dec 15, 2:03 pm