hi does anyone have a copy of microsft access 2003 Page 1 / 2

sweetner6, Dec 12, 7:37am
that i could buy. i have the student and teacher edition of office 2003 it doesnt include access

drcspy, Dec 12, 7:41am
if you dont necessarily need the microsoft version why not install open office it has 'base' which is pretty much the same

sweetner6, Dec 12, 7:43am
how would i do that? it pretty much just has to be the same as 2003 version rather than 2007 etc

radiowaves, Dec 12, 7:58am
They are completely different!

revliskci, Dec 12, 9:22am
What. Does Open Office have Access? I don't believe it does

sweetner6, Dec 12, 9:27am
any ideas of how to get it?

skin1235, Dec 12, 9:45am
it took a while to upload several months back, do you wish to take that time to download the full 2003suite access included

sweetner6, Dec 12, 10:22am
is there any way to just get access as already have excel , word and powerpoint, thanks

skin1235, Dec 12, 10:26am
I'm not sure, certainly not from this suite, and not sure if it ever shipped as a loner, will check and post again in the morning

skin1235, Dec 12, 10:49am
? ? ? do you have a 2003 access file that 2007 won't read? , they were not backward compatible in there somewhere but I think you can download a compat pack to fix that problem now

and yes access used to ship as a stand alone - prior to 2000, not sure about later versions, still looking

rkarajan, Dec 12, 2:44pm
yes i have it, access 2003, contact me on one of my auctions

drcspy, Dec 12, 3:20pm
dunno it looks similar to me anyway cant say iv'e used it

radiowaves, Dec 12, 8:05pm
It is very different but with SOME similarities. If you haven't used it why do you pass comment?

drcspy, Dec 12, 9:19pm
wtf ?

I was merely offernign the OP an alternative which they may not have been aware of (free also) so stuff it somewhere

eevent, Dec 12, 9:59pm
drcspy is having another bad day. . . take no notice!

radiowaves, Dec 12, 11:11pm
No worries I don't take any notice of people who profess to know all about something in one breath and then in another state they have no experience with it. DUH!

drcspy, Dec 13, 5:12am
so you think this:

"if you dont necessarily need the microsoft version why not install open office it has 'base' which is pretty much the same"

fully exonerates your arrogant statement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . duh yourself. . . . . . . . . . tell me EXACTLY just how and in what ways office 'base' is different from Ms access ? details if you will.

0800xford, Dec 13, 5:13am
dude, it's a troll.

puddleduck00, Dec 13, 5:23am
I had troll for breakfast

radiowaves, Dec 13, 5:54am
I'm sure you're not really after an answer but for what it's worth

"The database component, Base, can be connected to Access tables, which can be used in place or copied into Base's HSQLdb engine. But the other parts of the Access database (forms, queries, reports) and anything like programs or scripts built for custom processing, are not available to Base. It uses a completely different structure. "

I think that puts it more succinctly than I could have.

A simple google could have answered your question if you were really interested.


radiowaves, Dec 13, 5:55am
PS My statement was clearly NOT arrogant as I was correct and you were wrong. Who is the arrogant one?

Have a great evening.

drcspy, Dec 13, 6:04am
so what if they're not 'intercompatible' they do the same thing dont they

r.g.nixon, Dec 13, 6:10am
Sort of.
Would you say that MS paint and the GIMP do the same thing?

radiowaves, Dec 13, 6:19am
FFS. Is this the five minute argument or the full half hour? Essentially they are not compatible as you intimated. OO is very good and highly compatible with MS Office EXCEPT for base/access. Yes base can connect to Access tables, so can a myriad of other products. Queries, Forms and Reports are totally incompatible as are numerous other features.

But hey, you have invented a new word "intercompatible" which is clearly a synonym for interoperable. . . well done.

radiowaves, Dec 13, 6:20am
Great analogy RGN.

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