brand new 3gs freezing itunes

Just my luck aye. I plug in the iphone, go through the initial setup, and it gets to the sync screen - then freezes. If i unplug the phone, itunes goes back to normal, and some info comes up about it along with an error message saying it failed to sync. Been trying all afternoon. It successfully updated the firmware though after it gave an error that it couldnt read info from the iphone, and the only option was to restore to factory. Just back to square 1 after that!

geek_momo21, Dec 13, 4:43 pm

I have that happen to me when I got my iPhjone 3G. In the end the phone was replaced. Have you synced successfully before?

geek_carlie, Dec 13, 6:27 pm

when it starts syncing, just leave it for a while, like ½hour or so and see what happens

geek_chuckie30, Dec 13, 6:34 pm

do you have it set to auto sync, disable if you do. And do a restore once you connect it

geek_malachiman, Dec 14, 8:49 am