Macbook 13 VS Macbook 13 Pro

mwilkins, Dec 12, 3:32am
I'm looking to get a Macbook. I've looked at the Macbook 13 vs Macbook 13 Pro. Is there anything that makes the pro better than the Macbook

dunedin_ree, Dec 12, 3:47am
Yes, and by reading the specs at www. you can find out exactly what they are.

vtecintegra, Dec 12, 3:50am
Not aside from the obvious.

The Pro is aluminium (looks nicer), has Firewire 800 and card reader. The basic Pro only comes with a 160GB drive, factor in an extra $100 to upgrade to the 250 when comparing to the Macbook

mwilkins, Dec 12, 4:02am
Thanks so i wasjust checking i wasnt missing anything apart from the case, hard drive, firewire, sd card.

I'm thinking its not worth the extra money for the pro

mwilkins, Dec 12, 4:15am
Also i think the Macbook doesnt have a backlit keyboard? Is having a backlit keyboard worth it?

morrisman1, Dec 12, 4:26am
id get the pro honestly, the chassis is far superior and wont wear and tear at near the same rate that a plastic laptop will. The screen is apparently superior in the pro, backlit keyboard, card reader and firewire 800 (a must have for large external harddrives! ! ! )

all the 13" macbooks are a pretty good deal currently so it comes down to cost and specification difference. That aluminium chassis is a real cracker though - its worth every penny.

bidda2, Dec 12, 4:26am
How are we suppose to answer that? . It's a personal preference thing. If you think you'll be using it in the dark and can't touch type/turn on a light then it might be ideal. Otherwise it's just a wasted feature.

mwilkins, Dec 12, 6:16am
Thanks for advice and ideas. I was kinda thinking the Pro wasn't with the extra money but i think i've changed my mind. I travel a bit so the aluminum case should be worth. Often the laptop ends up in a backpack. Thank goodness for sleaves.

As for the backlit keyboard i can touch type in dark. However some times a hit a few random keys at the start.

dunedin_ree, Dec 12, 6:22am
So they stopped making the aluminium Macbooks? I have one. It has a backlit keyboard. What a pisser they only make plastic ones now. . .

vtecintegra, Dec 12, 7:06am
They pretty much renamed the 13" aluminium Macbook to Macbook Pro, it doesn't have the full pro feature set (like a powerful video card).

@6 Pretty sure the screen is exactly the same in the Macbook and 13" Macbook Pro. They haven't gone to 16:9 yet which is weird, guessing that'll be the next update. Also Firewire is pretty much dead, they should really have included an e-sata port (again I'd expect to see it next time around)

@8 While the aluminium case is very nice I wouldn't go throwing it in a backpack. It tends to dent quite easily which ruins the aesthetics.

lucky015, Dec 12, 6:40pm
Yeah, They dent but the plastic ones crack, And the original Macbook's are known cracking around the joints.

pdbeattie, Dec 12, 7:05pm
yea they stopped about 5 or 6 months ago i think and they changed the ! 3" macbook to the 13" macbook pro and gave it a card reader

pdbeattie, Dec 12, 7:06pm
i agree with most people on this the pro is worth the extra

drcspy, Dec 12, 7:16pm

on pricespy the cost difference between a seagate 2. 5" 160gb and a 250gb is $7

osymandias, Dec 12, 9:40pm
That'd be news to anyone in the AV industry. . .

mwilkins, Dec 13, 2:20am
I just went in to the local dick smith store to check out the macbooks. There was a total lack of service and half the mac books where missing the model and price tags.

The 15'' macbook pro with 250gb hard drive appeared to be way more vivid than the 13''macbook pro. They have the same graphics card so is there a different/ better screen.

Sorry if its a really dumb question but as i said there was a total luck of service

vtecintegra, Dec 13, 2:23am
Yer, it's still useful for cameras and the like, not so much hard disks these days

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