VPN connection?

ford-freak, Dec 11, 12:15am
i have been trying to connect to my work and have tried creating a new connection and it fails to connect, I rung vodafone to see if they could help and they said it was a router setting but they would not help me as they don't support VPNs, is there an easy way to check settings? i have a hg250 wireless router and i can access the settings address thingee! i know limited stuff about computers so if anyone does know can they keep it kinda simple

holden_guy, Dec 11, 12:19am
weird, im trying to do the same thing today but it wont allow me - i can go on the internet etc but when i try and connect to VPN it fails. . . .

drcspy, Dec 11, 12:23am
um. . . . . . . . . vpn's are not my speciality indeed but I have a thought you may need to look at your firewall settings and also possibly port forwardin. . . . . .

ford-freak, Dec 11, 12:25am
my boss thought it might be a firewall and so i disabled them, and still nothing! might have a looksie at the port forwarding thingee

fskb, Dec 11, 3:36am
Are you using Cisco VPN? What error message are you getting from the client?
More importantly. . . seeing as you are a remote user, WHY do you not have an on call IT department?

r.g.nixon, Dec 11, 4:09am
You could try something else perhaps.
Logmein.com doesn't need port forwarding.

ferita, Dec 11, 4:19am
Can you ping the remote VPN Host?
Have you got the right IP or address in the VPN server selection?

Without knowing more about your VPN set up it is hard to really be of much help. VPNs vary so significantly from one to the next, some have special clients other use the windows VPN client.

badcam, Dec 11, 4:42am
Could you two guys please clarify; what is it you're trying to do? Are you trying to connect to a work VPN server?

What are you using to do this with? Your PC's/Laptops? What software? What OS are you using?

Can anyone else connect via VPN?

ferita, Dec 11, 4:54am
So we have a holden guy and a ford guy

something is fishy about this thread

ford-freak, Dec 12, 9:49pm
i can get it to go on my mums computer, so i know it is the right address and the instructions are clear, it just says it fails to connect. So it is on my side, and thats all i know! ! thanks evryone for trying to help

badcam, Dec 12, 11:17pm
Thanks for not bothering to help us help you, by answering some of our questions.

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