Mac drive on PC help.

richr, Dec 11, 10:04am
Hi, Basically I'm trying to retrieve files from a mac hard drive using a PC (XP). I'm using a usb drive adapter along with Macdrive 8 so xp can see the drive but can't find any of the owners personal pictures. I've done file searches for images using windows file search but havnt had much luck. Owner was using os x 10. Does the mac save the picture files under a certain extension?

Owner was using iphotos for his photos. Any help would be much appreciated as I'm a PC man and first time I've played with anything to do with Apples.

gibler, Dec 11, 10:09am

It usually in the Users folder, then Pictures, iPhoto Library. .

richr, Dec 11, 10:22am
Thanks for that, but all I can see is folders with no files in them.

malachiman, Dec 11, 10:25am
Since iPhoto stores all the photos in one file, I would be surprised if you could access them even if you found the file.

dunedin_ree, Dec 11, 10:36am
How big is the "iPhoto Library" file on the drive?

Would changing it to something. zip make the package contents readable on XP. . . . . ?

richr, Dec 11, 11:02am
iphoto library 84mb, photos may even be saved else where.

dunedin_ree, Dec 11, 11:04am
Sounds like there's some in there at least . . . but if they didn't add them to iPhoto they could be anywhere in their user directory - I'd copy everything in macintosh hd/users/username.

What's wrong with their computer?

richr, Dec 11, 11:13am
Yeah, going to the copy whole drive on to my external then try some different programs see what comes up as some programs dont recognise the mac drive via the macdrive software.

Was a laptop but spat the dummy after liquid spill.

Thanks for all the suggestions

osymandias, Dec 12, 1:03am
if you have a spare partition, it might be easier to chuck OSX on your PC or an external drive. Then just drag the old iPhoto library into your clean iPhoto install, or point iPhoto to the external. Since you only want OSX to run iPhoto you won't need to try too hard to get all the hw running perfectly.

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