Printer refuses to print black

nicky2002, Dec 9, 10:04pm
I have a Brother DCP-165c and it is fine with all the other colours but has issues with the black. I have gone through the cleaning process a few times but is there anything else I can try before completely giving up? !

karlacaldwell, Dec 9, 10:13pm
got the black in the right place?

whakatanerocks, Dec 9, 10:14pm
Do you have black toner?

nicky2002, Dec 9, 10:16pm
pretty sure I have the black in the right place, lol. Toner - ahhh don't think it needs that. . . .

biggal, Dec 10, 1:15am
Anti-smacking bill or not, I'dgive that lazy printer of yours a damn good larruping

nicky2002, Dec 10, 2:21am
I know, screw the naughty step! !

fraseroz1, Dec 10, 4:09am
How long since you last used it? May be worth a try by squirting some windex on the cleaning pad. Ideal for cleaning clogged heads. Just dont go overboard.

nicky2002, Dec 10, 5:06am
It was last used about 2 weeks ago, got low, then with the new cartridge just won't work. I guess it probably the new cartridge, maybe. .

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