Anyone want to buy a new IPhone 3gs 32gb for cheap

dunedin_ree, Dec 7, 4:06am
List it and edit your message before the mods get you.


blenheim-trader, Dec 7, 4:08am
List an item


beanie, Dec 7, 4:40am
$950. 01

jp.r, Dec 7, 4:42am
. 02

beanie, Dec 7, 4:49am
thats me out of the bidding then

jp.r, Dec 7, 5:21am
sweet, now if the seller wants to sell it to me, all he needs to do is buy one of my auctions, pay me the money for what I'm selling and then we'll discuss. . . . haha yeah right.

ferita, Dec 7, 5:42am
No thanks,

I will just get one for free from my brother in law who is an apple executive.

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