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morab, Dec 4, 8:03pm
bought a new SMC wireless router and cannot connect when I go on lineafter my DT comp. has been shut down over night. I have to turn the router off . wait and than turn it on again and than it will connect. any ideas?

spyware, Dec 4, 8:09pm
The first thing to know is that the router isn't filtered, only the phones. The rj11 sockets on the filters to connect modem/router are actually wired straight through and no filtering is applied. If you have modified your wiring and have router connected to the british telecom socket (BT) on the filter then you will have almighty problems getting any sync speed greater than dialup level. Ideally router should be connected directly to an unfiltered outlet.

spyware, Dec 4, 8:10pm
Post sync speeeds and attenuation figures.

gyrogearloose, Dec 4, 8:42pm
Reading between the lines, you turn your desktop off, then when you try to use your laptop wirelessly it won't connect unless you reboot the router.

This could be the DHCP and IP settings on the network connection and router. I'd suggest using Run>Cmd>IPCONFIG to check what the assigned IP addresses and gateway addresses are, in case there are duplicate IP's or no IP assigned.

morab, Dec 4, 9:24pm
#4. sorry. you lost me. #3, when i went on to the xtra broedband test sitethis is wot was there2281. 3 kbps, 279. 6kb/sec. . . . . . . than when i retested i got 2158. 3kbps, 254. 5kb/sec

spyware, Dec 4, 9:33pm
Log into router and find sync speeds and attenuation figures. 2 Mbps or so is quite poor these days as typically you should get 10 Mbps in cities.

morab, Dec 4, 9:56pm
spyware, hows this test. . 2828. 80kbps, 34666. 7kb/se-

spyware, Dec 4, 10:03pm
Last test is an obvious typo. The first is a bit slow, as I said 10 Mbps or 10000 kbps (kilobitspersecond) is typical. This is over 1200 kBps (kilo BYTES per second). You need the noise margins and attenuation figures from router to diagnose any connection issue. Also the real distance from exchange or cabinet.

morab, Dec 4, 10:14pm
ok, how do i acess them please. i have taken the inline filter off and getting beter results

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