USB-Serial adapter problem

khairul23, Dec 4, 1:43am
I have a car diagnostic scanner that uses an rs232 serial port. My laptop doesn't have a serial port, so I purchased a usb-rs232 cable with a driver. When I run the scanner, it says "hardware not ready". On a newer version of the scanner software, it says "please install adapter driver". I have tried a laptop that has the serial port and the scanner worked fine. How do I solve this?

drcspy, Dec 4, 1:46am
see if you can get a pcmcia serial card ?

gyrogearloose, Dec 4, 1:54am
Some hardware won't work with the USB-serial port adapters because the device usees non-standard serial protocol. Some people say USB-serial port adapters just don't work at all and avoid them.

Look for used laptops that have a genuine serial port, a Dell C600 or a Toshiba, dedicate it for running with the scanner.

khairul23, Dec 4, 2:41am
That makes sense. Thanks.

khairul23, Dec 4, 2:49am
Sounds feasible. Would this work like a normal laptop with built-in serial port, or would there still be possiblity some devices would still not work?

badcam, Dec 4, 3:42am
Have you tried the website of the Scanner for a Driver? Have you Googled the Make and Model number + driver? Have you looked for a Forum where people talk about the scanner? Most likely, they'll know how to connect to it via PC.

Before going to the expense of finding a new laptop, try Linux. Even puppy often recognises serial connections. Ubuntu or a debian distro is probably your best shot. There is an easy way to see if Linux recognises a serial connection. If it does, then going onward from there should be fairly easy.

badcam, Dec 4, 4:18am
Try this:

Download and burn to CD Ubuntu. Restart your PC and let the PC set up a Live version of Ubuntu. Don't install it, just run the Live version.

Once it's started, plug the Scanner in and turn it on.
Open the Terminal/Console (Ctrl+Alt+F1 or find it in the Menu) and type:

"dmesg" without the quotes and hit enter.

I'm guessing here, but see if you see anything that looks similar to this:

ftdi_sio 1-1:1. 0: FTDI USB Serial Device converter detected drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio. c:-
Detected FT2232C usb 1-1: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0 ftdi_sio 1-1:1. 1: FTDI USB Serial Device converter detected drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio. c:-
Detected FT2232C usb 1-1: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB1

Let me know.

You can also look in the Hardware option in the Menu (sorry, I'm running a headless server and I can't recall exactly the menu options) and look under USB Devices. You should see something like "ftdi_sio" and there'll be a reference to something like "ttyXXX".

spyware, Dec 4, 4:40am
You have to go into device manager and determine serial port number, typically port 4, and then tell this to your scanner software. The software probably looks at port 1 by default.

loud_37, Dec 4, 5:43am
we use usb to serial convertors all the time and the only ones we find that work all the time with any software are the dick smith ones for about $19. 00.

khairul23, Dec 4, 9:44am
There's a setting in the scanner software to choose port, and there's an option with the usb-rs232 adapter brand name.

khairul23, Dec 4, 9:45am
I went to dick smith and only found something around $40.

khairul23, Dec 4, 9:47am
quite a lengthy method, but I'll give it a try when I have the time. thanks.

upside_umop, Dec 4, 9:50am
go into control panel
go into device manager
look for com ports
look for the com port number
use this in your program
problem solved
i think

khairul23, Dec 28, 6:51am
bump for savanna91

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