noswalg, Dec 4, 2:51am
Hi can anybody suggest somewhere i can purchase the above adapter? seems they are impossible to find, plenty out there for 32bit systems. any help much appreciated

lostdude, Dec 4, 2:58am
What's your motherboard make/model?

noswalg, Dec 4, 2:59am
Gigabyte GA K8NS

lostdude, Dec 4, 3:01am
According to http://www. gigabyte.com. tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Spe
c. aspx? ClassValue=Motherboard&ProductID=1784&Product
Name=GA-K8NS your board has 5 normal PCI slots, what made you think you had 64bit PCI-X slots?

noswalg, Dec 4, 3:10am
Yep but can only find adapters with drivers for 32 bit OS where as i have a 64 bit OS, i currently have 2 adapters which both work on my system that runs off XP32 bit but neither will run on other system that has XP64 bit. all i really need is the driver for a TP-LINK TL-WN651G but their website seems to be down

lostdude, Dec 4, 3:14am
This http://pricespy.co.nz/product. php? e=274472 has x64 drivers

noswalg, Dec 4, 3:33am
i can't see anything there that refers to x64 drivers and according to some reviews it doesn't run on vista 64 bit either, i had apretty good look at pricespy this morning and came up with nothing

lostdude, Dec 4, 3:36am
Took me a whopping 5 seconds to find this: http://support. asus.com/download/download. aspx? SLanguage=en-

This is the name of the driver:

WL-138g v2 and WL-138gE driver for XP 64bit

noswalg, Dec 4, 3:49am
cheers i might try that looks like it will be alright.

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