Can anyone recommend a good reliable ADSL modem

fordluva, Dec 3, 2:46am
Currently using a dynalink RTA1320, which I have found ok but I am on my 3rd one and does occasionally drop out, thought I might get something decent but looking on here most appear to be either cheap junk or rather expensive, any recommendations? ?

charles.j, Dec 3, 2:56am
Linksys WAG45G2 is what i have. Works well for me

bluetongue, Dec 3, 3:30am
i hav also had 3 of those. last me about a year each.

drcspy, Dec 3, 3:32am
the thompson that xtra are giving out seem ok. . . . . . . . . . .

chuckie30, Dec 3, 4:40am
agreed. They accidently sent me two, one didnt work.

agnes8, Dec 3, 10:02am
same here. Excellent modem.

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