adobe non profit license

mycool87, Dec 2, 6:23am
I have been given the task of building a website for my dads motorcycle/car club. I am looking for an Adobe CS4 Web Standard/Premium package.
What license would qualify for non-profit organisation.
I see the education license, you don??

dunedin_ree, Dec 2, 6:25am
No. It's not education.

BTW for something like that I'd install Wordpress. No coding required, just Gimp or similar to edit photos.

vtecintegra, Dec 2, 6:45am
Yep, if you don't like the pricetag of the Adobe products there are plenty of free alternative available.

mycool87, Dec 2, 6:57am
The price isn??

dunedin_ree, Dec 2, 7:17am
Would Contribute mean you have to install licenced software on whoever's computer is updating the information?

If so, bad idea. (I uninstalled it . . . someone else needs to update . . . a virus ate my computer . . . I left the club . . . etc).

Login to website - update through the gui - save. Possible with more than a few mature, well-used products that cost nothing at all.

I think you're shooting for a $1000 solution to a $100 problem.

mycool87, Dec 2, 7:28am
Contribute would be installed on a club laptop.

dunedin_ree, Dec 2, 7:30am
My comments still apply to that situation. Having been involved in more than a few collaborative projects you need to remove all possible barriers to being able to update information.

Contribute is just adding a barrier.

thunderstorm, Dec 2, 8:12am
Sounds like you are set on buying the adobe suite for some reason in spite of the advice here. Having dealt with clubs and the like myself as well, a central application held off clubs or club members computers is the best way to go. Most of the CMS solutions out there are free. If you can not set one up yourself on the hosting server then pay a few bucks and get someone who can. Then anyone you give access to in the admin can make changes without the need for any additional software.

sighthound1, Dec 2, 2:18pm
Why are you trying to get a not for profit organisation spend a couple of grand on website software? There are literally hundreds of free open source CMS solutions out there. Just keep it simple.

hdmovies, Dec 2, 6:40pm
Or just work fast and use the free 30 day demo.

mycool87, Dec 3, 6:36am
I have lowered the software price to just under a grand.
Dreamweaver and Contribute. The club is not paying for the software, they got some someone to sponsor the website, as for the hosting, that??

vtecintegra, Dec 3, 6:37am
I still think a CMS would work better in the long run.

mycool87, Dec 3, 6:43am
Ok, I will look into it, and see what it is like.

mycool87, Dec 3, 7:03am
Ok, thanks for mentioning that.
I think I might just get dreamweaver, and use gimp instead of fireworks.
The web host I was looking at is openhost, they have a application library for there linux servers, they have 2 cms apps, postnuke and mambo. Mambo looks pretty good and more powerful than contribute.

maree1965, Dec 3, 7:11am
Tosh Computers legally sell education editions of Adobe products on TM and also have their own website. They don't require proof of educational id. Products have full serial numbers and can be used immediatelty. Been using Abobe products for nearly 20 years and they are the best. Well worth the money - you won't regret it.

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