Been ripped off by Vodafone on wireless broadband

tintop, Dec 1, 9:16pm
If you are a Vf customer on wireless broadband (ie use a Vodem) for your connection - have you gone over your data allocation and had to pay huge data charges?

Were you able to get a refund?

drcspy, Dec 1, 9:19pm
theres NO rippoff here. . . . . . . . . . .

it's just user stupidity.

If the user isn't aware of or didn't read the terms and conditions which CLEARLY state the 'overage' charges then tough . . . . . . . . .

malachiman, Dec 1, 9:26pm
Yep, no ripoff

You agreed to the service, over used it and pay the fees allocated that you agreed to.

tintop, Dec 1, 9:36pm
Aha - But how do I measure my data use? Vf's system for letting customers track their data is broken, has been for the last nine months. I cannot tell how much data that I have used.

rawill, Dec 1, 9:53pm
Yes you must be very careful with the V/F wireless broadband. The usage meter on the software is not all that accurate. And they warn you about this.

Ihad a 12 month history with V/F and never went over my allocation until I had some serious disconnect issues when trying to download a very large map of Europe.

I was seriously over the limit and I got no warning from the software, as I now do.

To their credit V/F did refund me a huge amount, but I had to persist and point them to my historic usage, and explain very clearly what had happened.

Their tracking of your usage that is available to customers to see is not very helpful at all.

david13, Dec 1, 10:00pm
I must admit i have had a couple of customers that didn't really understand and it wasn't very well explained

drcspy, Dec 1, 10:05pm
fair enough

hdmovies, Dec 1, 10:26pm
In that case call them up and tell them, then while your at it, inform them you refuse to pay any bills for the additional amount until their data tracking is fixed.

eevent, Dec 2, 1:15am
I use it and a text message via the Vodem is sent when you are reaching your cap and gives you the opportunity to top up (prepay). If you go over the cap big $, 10mb per day for $1 and then $1 per mb after that till your credit runs out. A rip off way of using the i/net but handy when travelling.

c.knox, Dec 2, 4:28am
Yep, no rip-off, only 1995-era internet pricing. I have a vodem, but only use it a couple of times a year. Useful for emergencies, but that's about all. The laptop is set to never, ever, under any circumstances to even think of performing an automatic update. It hasn't happened to me (yet), but you can imagine how horrifically fast a Windows service pack will burn through 10MB!

rawill, Dec 2, 5:33am
Approx $90. 00 for home phone, vodem and internet at 2 gig data, and free calling everywhere in NZ. All good I reckon. So I take it with me in my campervan, perfect.

kane199, Dec 2, 12:10pm
alota people get snapped on that and their bills go up into the $1000's then they ring up all abusive simply because they didn't read the conditions they agreed too.

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