install of XP home on new 500gb sata drive stops

olack, Dec 2, 7:26am
The drive formatted ok then XP would not install. I changed the sata cable around end for end and the install completed. Should I think the new hard drive was defective or there may be another problem I should look at? I have used the motherboard in another computer and it worked without problems.

0800xford, Dec 2, 7:28am
some motherboard's do 'ave 'em

drcspy, Dec 2, 7:35am
sigh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it HAD to be you olack rofl

0800xford, Dec 2, 7:47am
that sounds like a song!
drcspy ya big crooner

olack, Dec 2, 7:54am

deodar, Dec 2, 7:59am
Well I cant install Windows'
A glazier i'm not,
I'm lazyier than the lot & sata cable I've got,
If I turn it around it might be the shot.
Olacks my name but
Whats puzzling you lot
Is the nature of my Game.

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