Win7 64bit

94246, Dec 1, 9:57pm
To those running win7 64bit how much ram do you have onboard? I have 2gig and with a few programs open i am using 1. 24gig so i think i need some more.

d.laidlaw, Dec 1, 9:59pm
4g here

charles.j, Dec 1, 10:02pm
2gb here on the 32bit version. Using 800mb with msn, live mail, rdc and all background tasks running

mush13, Dec 1, 10:15pm
I have 8GB, after bootup & all the programs i have running on start i have about 1. 2ish ram used, but at the moment you should be ok with 4GB. Also use video cards so i do not loose any system ram to the graphics. . . . .

hdmovies, Dec 1, 10:24pm
2gb on 64 bit version.

94246, Dec 1, 10:26pm
Is there any type of ram i need to buy because its 64bit or just buy the same as i got now DDR2

mush13, Dec 1, 10:29pm
Same, ideally same maker, specs

dawnpatrolla, Dec 1, 10:35pm
same, yesterday i ran explorer, livemail, photo's(view), music, photo editing and graphics/drawing programme at once and no problems.

vtecintegra, Dec 1, 10:41pm
4GB here which is the maximum my motherboard will take.

94246, Dec 1, 10:45pm
This is the ram have now http://images. jp
gI cant seem to find the same stuff on price spy Does it need to be 266MHz?

vtecintegra, Dec 1, 10:51pm
Faster will likely work too but your mileage may vary.

BTW I wouldn't worry too much about 'using' 1. 25GB out of 2, Windows 7 is very aggressive about caching but is generally good about releasing memory when it is needed. I'd only upgrade if you notice some specific performance bottlenecks that could be attributed to lack of memory.

moosh101, Dec 1, 11:29pm
While 2GB ram is ok for simple daily computing, such as surfing the net, reading e-mails etc, an upgrade to 4GB will give your system more memory to use if you need it. Windows 7 x64 uses about 1GB itself, so the more 'spare' memory you have available the more applications you can run at the same time.

You should use the fastest memory your system can support, and make sure all your modules are the same speed, as the memory bus will run at the speed of the slowest module, even if you have faster modules installed. For example, if you have a 1x1GB module at 667mhz and another 1x1GB module at 800mhz, the memory bus will run at 667mhz, etc.

I hope this helps and enjoy Windows 7

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