Epsom Stylus Printer CX3100

imajica, Nov 29, 11:25pm
Can Anyone Help me please.
I have an old Epsom Stylus Printer CX3100.
I have just turned it on and the error button is red and the message is saying that the printer is to old and parts might be failing.
I now cannot print or turn of the printer other than at the wall.
The printer was still working fine the other day Scanning, Printing and Photocoping.
I want to be able to keep using this printer as I can remove the lid on it and scan books, the newer printers at the moment do not have the lid being able to be raised much.
Thanks for any help.

chuckie30, Nov 29, 11:44pm
Could well be that the printer is past its use by date. Have a browse through http://tech. epson.co.nz/ and see if they have something usefull

jeremy_74, Nov 29, 11:47pm
much success can be had with this software

http://www. ssclg.com/epsone. shtml

imajica, Dec 1, 8:45pm
Thanks for the suggestions.
I tried the website but no luck. So ended up phoning Epsom who said I needed to take the printer to a Epsom repairer.
They said they think the counter? was possibly full and they have a way of sorting it out, so fingers crossed I should have it back in a couple of days.

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