Task manager...............

ottoitis, Dec 1, 5:13am
processes, please view. http://is. gd/58zvythe processes next to my name were 'installed' by myself? Because if they are, I wouldn't have a clue when! Thanks.

johnf_456, Dec 1, 5:15am
egui. exe is part of your antivirus package. Nod32

0800xford, Dec 1, 5:21am
alt + print screen

those processes are for [THE USER] to use/modify

ottoitis, Dec 1, 7:34am
re 2. . . . . . . . . maybe I didn't express myself clearly. Disregarding the highlighted one, I mean all the processes beside my name, thanks.

vtecintegra, Dec 1, 7:37am
You'll have installed them (either intentionally or unintentionally) at some point, or they'll be Windows processes, or they would have come pre-installed.

Just chuck the 'Image Name' into Google for any you are unsure about.

jdncomz, Dec 1, 7:39am
is this a toshiba laptop?

jdncomz, Dec 1, 7:45am
http://www. processlibrary.com/

search them in this

ottoitis, Dec 1, 7:47am
re 6, yes. Toshiba Laptop

jdncomz, Dec 1, 7:49am
figured ndstray. exe is the traybar process from the ConfigFree Traybar utility on TOSHIBA laptops. It allows you switch between network devices by clicking on the traybar icon.

lostdude, Dec 1, 9:11am
So what's the problem? . . .

ottoitis, Dec 1, 9:18am
http://is. gd/58KR8please, why have I got five chrome. exe processes? And, should I 'end process' four, leave only one?

lostdude, Dec 1, 9:22am
Leave Chrome maximised in the background & click end process on any one of the chrome processes, continue with the rest & do this whilst keeping an eye on Chrome.

ottoitis, Dec 1, 9:36am
# 13. . . . . . . . . . whole window disappear. Clicked on icon desktop, open chrome again. Two processes now instead of five.

vtecintegra, Dec 1, 9:40am
Chrome runs a separate process for each Window/Tab open. Don't worry about it.

lostdude, Dec 1, 9:41am
lol well, chrome opens new tabs in it's own process. I guess they must be linked together to close all at once when ending just one.

http://blog. marcchung.com/2008/09/05/chromes-process-model-e
xplained. html

ottoitis, Dec 1, 10:03am
I'm just beginning to 'see' . The more tabs open, the more chrome processes opened. Correct?

vtecintegra, Dec 1, 10:21am
In simple terms yes, more tabs means more processes. It's not 1:1 though, the actual process model is quite complicated.

If you're really interested (or bored) the docs are here: http://dev. chromium.org/developers/design-documents/process-

Edit, teach me for not reading the thread properly, basically the same as #16

0800xford, Dec 1, 7:41pm
UGGH! i'm allergic to uniblue crapware
if you post a link to a site with their rubbish on it include a 'warning' not to click on anything.

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