Computor Restore

soxy111, Apr 26, 10:55pm
Computor Restore Hi there, how do I restore my computor back to how it was a day before? I know I have done it before but cannot find how to do it again.

pixma, Apr 26, 10:56pm
Hi There. Click start the all progams then accessories then system tools then system restore!!! click restore...then pick a date...done

soxy111, Apr 27, 12:28am
Thank you pixma That was so easy, I was looking in something completely different.

pixma, Apr 27, 12:31am
Thanks... .

switched_on, Apr 27, 12:33am
This might help press f8 on start up and go to safe mode. follow instructions when it gets to asking if you want to retore or go to safe mode.

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