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nansgirl90, Oct 15, 6:06pm
Hi there . . . I am running windows XP prof with word 2003 and my dad has vista home basic with word 2007. I have done an assignment on his computer and put it on my memory stick. I am having trouble opening it on my laptop because of this. Is there some way I can open it on mine . Thank you

keyeff, Oct 15, 6:08pm
You need to save it from your dads comp in a 2003 format. There is normally a drop-down box when you go to save and offers you other formats. 2007 saves as a docx format which wont open.

r.g.nixon, Oct 15, 6:55pm
If you want to open DOCX files with Word 2000 or 2003, you need to download the free "compatibility pack" from Microsoft.

little_egypt, Oct 15, 7:04pm
Or you could install the office compatibility pack (a free download from microsoft) on your laptop. Personally though I'd suggest avoiding the office 2007 formats and just get in the habit of saving as 97/XP/2003

The other alternative is to switch both machines to Open Office and start using open document format. You'll still be able to open documents from a large number of other office suites including Office 2003 and Office 2007, and for sending documents to other people you can save as Office 2003 or export to PDF. The big advantage with PDF is that it'll look the same everywhere, where an Office document will often look slightly different depending on the version of office or the version of windows, and I think even things like printer settings on the computer used to view it.

0800xford, Oct 15, 7:10pm
spooky how often this comes up, we had about 4 yesterday. . .

lostdude, Oct 15, 7:19pm
LOL, I gather all the lurkers emerge from the shadows as soon as they see a post that resembles a problem they've had for ages but were too shy to ask.

eurika, Oct 16, 1:03am
Try saving in rtf (rich text format) when swapping files between computer. Usually works fine and any programme shold open it

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